Awards & Ceremonies

Students of the Year Recognised at the MoD’s annual Logistics Awards Dinner.

CMI was proud to be part of the MoD's annual Logistics Awards Dinner event at the RAF College Cranwell in October. Lincoln University celebrated a cohort of 11 successful graduates completing theMSc Logistics Management (Defence Logistics Staff Course) which is accredited to CMILevel 7 Diploma qualification.

CMI joined BAES, Rolls Royce, Augusta Westland, CIPS& CILT in sponsoring the awards. Steve Heappey, Director of qualifications and service delivery at Chartered Management Institute (CMI), handed two special CMI awards to Flight Lieutenant Angela Howard and Flight Lieutenant Nathan Holmes as students of the year in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Flight Lieutenant Nathan Holmes joined the RAF in 2004 before graduating from Supply Officer Training in 2005. In the subsequent 10 years his career has been varied and fulfilling. He has experienced and performed within core Logistic functions such as Logistic Information Systems, Inventory and Supply Chain Management as well as practical and theoretical Air movements. As such he has seen and witnessed the complex RAF supply chain at all stages and, more crucially for the CMI, has frequently been required to lead and manage upwards of 60 personnel tasked with delivering logistic output, sometimes under the most arduous of conditions whilst on Operations.