Talent management

Talent Management

Keeping your best performing managers makes sound commercial sense. It means you have people working for you who know your business and can identify opportunities more easily. It avoids repeated recruitment costs. And it averts the problems that constantly changing faces can have on customer service.

Yet over three quarters of UK organisations report problems retaining their best talent. And surprisingly talent management programmes are still rare. That's a pity.

Implementing a talent management programme is an affordable way to assess how much an individuals' contribution can make to the success of your organisation. That's why our talent management programme is designed to ensure that the right people are selected for development.

Our services include:

1. Complete check-up

Identify which 'rising stars' you should invest in and those who need development. We will then work with you to devise and implement a training plan that fits the needs of your organisation and the individual managers.

2. Outside recognition

Our qualifications can be studied anywhere in the UK and are recognised across Europe. CMI is the only Awarding Body that offers management and leadership qualifications up to Level 8, ensuring your top talent has a platform for development all the way through their journey with your organisation.

3. The ultimate status

Reward your best people with a 'practical MBA' to confirm their advanced management capabilities, higher levels of professionalism and superior expertise.

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