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Chartered Management Institute’s Comment on Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2022

Tuesday 05 April 2022

Ann Francke, CEO of Chartered Management Institute:

“Here we are again - another year of gender pay gap statistics and we've still not assigned this anomaly to the history books. On the contrary - for private businesses CMI research shows that this year the average pay gap has increased.

“Progress towards gender equality is at best slow and feels almost glacial.

“This is deeply disappointing given companies have had over two years to get themselves in check when mandatory reporting was relaxed.

“This is more than just about compliance with legal requirements. It’s about ensuring all of our workers are treated fairly and in a position to make the maximum contribution to economic and organisational success possible. The increasing gap suggests we are leaving many women short and so we all lose out.

“The recent threat from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission that it is potentially formalising penalties for those who miss the deadline for a second year in a row is welcome. At the same time it’s unfortunate that such measures may have to be taken and that organisations are only reporting because it’s forced on them.

“There are still far too many women in lower-paid junior roles and far too few women reaching the top. As a result, women will be hit hardest by the sharp rise in inflation and face the greatest increase in their cost of living.“

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Violet Wanda PR Manager at CMI

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