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Monday 01 April 2019
  • Just 11% of FTSE 100 CFOs in the UK are women
  • Sponsoring and mentoring women workplace leads to more promotions for women
  • Sky UK COO Chris Stylianou spoke at the Financial Reporting Council at an event organised by The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) focusing on "Women in Finance."

Chris Stylianou the Chief Operating Officer of Sky UK and ROI speaking on how Sky UK has taken steps to address the gender imbalance he said categorically that "Diverse teams deliver the best results. Fact."

Sky UK is doing three things to achieve its goal of a 50/50 gender balance. First, it has levelled the playing field through 50/50 shortlists for all senior roles. Next, Sky has developed its Women in Leadership Sponsorship & Development programme. Third, the media company is attracting talented women through targeted marketing.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in partnership with the Financial Reporting Council held an event on Monday 8 April in London to discuss the recent Gender Pay Gap figures and steps taken to address gender inequality in the workplace in an event titled "Women in Finance".

The change resulting from the 50/50 shortlists was significant, Stylianou says. "We had to change the way we described jobs and we moved our hiring rate from 70% men to 60% women. We saw an immediate change in the talent pool. Any role still has to be filled by the best person regardless."

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Notes to editors

  • Chris Stylianou, COO of Sky UK and Ireland Chris Stylianou is Chief Operating Officer, UK and Ireland at Sky. He has worked at Sky for over 20 years in both Finance and Operations. He is responsible for Sky’s sales and service operations (including our contact centres, digital capability, in-home service and retail division), as well as our property and data departments, Sky Business and Sky's ROI Business.
  • Chris is the Executive sponsor of Sky’s Women in Leadership (WiL) programme, driving Sky’s ambition to reach a 50:50 gender balance. To do this, Chris works with the core WiL team to create a wide variety of initiatives to encourage gender parity and female advancement. Chris actively champions gender diversity at Sky by speaking internally and holds fellow executives accountable to their departmental targets with regular reviews. Through the WiL programme Chris sponsors a number of women, and has 12 women in high profile leadership roles within his department. Externally, Chris is a ‘Male Agent of Change’ and sits on the Women’s Business Council, as well as taking on a number of speaking engagements focusing on how big business can drive change internally and in their communities.
  • The Chartered Management Institute is the chartered professional body for management and leadership, counting more than 175,000 managers and leaders in its membership community.