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Prime Minister has failed to respond to concerns over the consequences of a no deal Brexit

Wednesday 02 October 2019

Ann Francke the CEO of The Chartered Management Institute reacting to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's speech at the Conservative Party Conference said:

"We know Boris can deliver a speech well, but what wasn't delivered today was any further detail on Brexit, nor any substantive new policies. This has always been the business community's problem with Brexit - it has sucked all the oxygen out of the room, meaning that important issues like productivity, skills and an answer to national retraining and re-skilling haven't moved forwards in 3 years."

"Moreover, the Prime Minister's ultimatum to Brussels that if the EU doesn't consider the proposals he's submitting today, then effectively they'll be forcing the UK into no-deal, is dangerous brinkmanship and feels like an attempt to start the blame game. The lack of clarity today risks sacrificing more business confidence, more inward investment, and more of the UK's reputation."

"CMI research shows that 6 in 10 middle and senior managers have not been involved in Brexit planning - yet will be expected to deliver in a post-Brexit world. This is not preparation."


"CMI welcomes the PM's ambition to raise productivity levels across the UK and to promote a dynamic, enterprise culture. But we know that poor quality management and leadership is the biggest drag on UK productivity. We need to turbocharge investment in management skills if we are to prosper in a post-Brexit world."


"CMI agrees that we need to better equip our young people with the skills they need for the jobs of the future. This should include skills in enterprise, leadership, managing change - all of which will be in high demand in the digital age."

"As the PM said, the UK is a world leader in technology, innovation and creativity, but we need to ensure that we equip our workforce with the management and leadership skills they need to deliver the PM's ambitious agenda for the country."

"Innovations such as degree apprenticeships are already transforming how people perceive technical and vocational qualifications. Recent CMI research showed that 8 in 10 parents believe degree apprenticeships are a good option for young people who are considering studying for a degree, and around three quarters think they provide a better chance of getting a good job than a traditional university degree."

"Over the next 5 years, the UK will need around 2m new managers. If we are to close the productivity gap, then we need to ensure that management qualifications are at the heart of these proposed reforms, so that the next generation of managers and leaders are equipped with the skills and practices needed to turbocharge the economy post-Brexit."

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John Kaponi Head of Media Relations, CMI

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