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Meet the management Apprentices.

Say so long to expensive recruitment bills, time-consuming on-boarding processes and fickle, flighty employees.

Employers have their work cut out these days when trying to find the right talent. A worrying 78% say they struggle to recruit the skills they really need - and with the term 'job-hopper' but a page in the history books to today's workforce, on average they now change employer every five years.

The answer? Train and retain.

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Management Apprenticeship Case Studies

Hear what employers have to say about management apprenticeships

Peter Sinclair - ICBC Standard Bank

Meet the Apprentice: Andrew

Lee Taylor - NG Bailey

Meet the Apprentice: Oana

Nathan Olivieri - Unilever

Meet the Apprentice: Olivia
A venn diagram illustrating the relationship between CMI, learning providers and your organisation. CMI overlaps with your organisation, labelled 'Bespoke Design'. Your organisation overlaps with learning provider, labelled '80:20 ratio'. Learning provider overlaps with CMI, labelled 'Delivery Support'. At the centre of the diagram is the apprentice.

The 3 Pillars of Apprenticeships.

  1. Bespoke Design

    The awarding body (that's us!) works with the employer to ensure all its training needs are met.

  2. Delivery Support

    We give the Provider all the tools and resources they need to steer the apprentice toward success.

  3. 80:20 Ratio

    80% of their time is spent working, and 20% is learning (shadowing, researching, things like that).


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