Delivering Apprenticeships

A successful apprenticeship takes careful collaboration between the Employer, Provider and End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)

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The Apprenticeship Journey

By working closely with all the parties involved and establishing the clear roles from the outset, CMI provides support and guidance to both employer and provider throughout the apprenticeship journey, to help ensure a successful outcome.

The Employer

The Employer is the organisation the Apprentice works for.

Their role is to:

  • Identify the development needs and recommend suitable apprenticeships
  • Employ the apprentice for the duration of the apprenticeship, in a role that enables them to meet the Standard requirements
  • Support the Apprentice with coaching and mentoring, line manager support and development opportunities
  • Enable 20% of the Apprentice’s learning to be undertaken off-the-job
  • Select a provider which will deliver a high-quality experience for the Apprentice
  • Choose an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), such as CMI, for Management & Leadership Standards

The Provider

The Provider is the organisation which delivers the apprenticeship.

Their role is to:

  • Work closely with the employer to design and deliver a work-based learning programme that ensures everything delivered links back to the knowledge skills and behaviours which are set out in the Apprenticeship Standard
  • Arrange regular check-ins and reviews with the Apprentice and Employer to keep things on track
  • Involve and include the Employer and EPAO in the End Point Assessment (EPA) process
  • Ensure the completion of the Apprenticeship is the primary outcome


The End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) assesses the Apprentice.

Their role is to:

  • Deliver an End Point Assessment (EPA) that measures the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours of the Apprentice and grades their performance against the requirements of the Apprenticeship Standard
  • Be independent of both the Training Provider and the Employer
  • Ensure that they have qualified and experience Independent Assessors capable of and available to undertake the Apprentice’s EPA

Why work with CMI?

CMI is the UK’s leading authority on Management & Leadership standard, and as the Professional Body, provided support and guidance to the Trailblazer group as they developed the management apprenticeship standards.

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