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The Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation is the highest professional status you can achieve in management consulting. Providing a professional standard of career excellence for management consultants to aspire towards and clients to benchmark against.

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Chartered status is the ultimate recognition for management consultants, providing a professional benchmark as you progress through your consulting career.

We recently surveyed existing ChMC's, here's what they had to say:

ChMC Icon - 79_

of respondents emphasised ChMC's role in elevating professional standards within the industry

ChMC - 9 out of 10

Agree that ChMC allows them to demonstrate a level of excellence and credibility to their clients

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Feel Chartered status has reassured clients of the expertise they offer

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For Experienced Professionals, there are 2 options. Written submission followed by professional discussion is £940 +VAT. Depth interview, which involves a reduced written submission and longer professional discussion, is £1,415 + VAT.

We also offer an Associate ChMC award for aspiring, early-career management consultants to help put you on a guided development pathway to becoming a fully-fledged Chartered Management Consultant.

For Associate ChMC, Chartership is achieved via written submission followed by professional discussion. This costs £940 +VAT.

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A Management Consultant is a person who is professionally engaged in advising on, and providing a detached, professional view of a client company's management techniques and practices.

Your evidence must demonstrate that you are currently performing to the required standards as a management consultant. Evidence can be demonstrated over many years, and doesn’t have to all be from working with your current employer or client, but it also needs to show that you are still actively performing to the standards.

To get started, we recommend you review the competencies described within the ChMC Competency Framework. The competencies are described at three levels within the framework. If you are applying for Associate ChMC status, it is important that you focus on demonstrating the competencies described at Applied level. If you are applying for Chartered status, so it is important that you focus on demonstrating the competencies described at Chartered level.

Reflect on your management consulting experience and identify examples of when you have demonstrated competencies. Each engagement or project can provide evidence for multiple competencies.

The ChMC assessment process is the same for all routes to Chartered and comprises two stages.

Stage One - Written Submission
The written submission needs to be completed using the template provided within 3 months of application for assessment.

The written submission will be assessed and where it doesn’t meet the required standards you will receive feedback and a request to submit additional supporting evidence within 14 days. You have a maximum of 2 submission attempts. Where the written submission meets the criteria you will be invited to a professional discussion.

Stage Two - Professional Discussion
Following a successful stage one submission, you will be invited to a professional discussion with an Assessor. All professional discussions are held remotely. The professional discussion will validate and explore experience. The Assessor will make their judgements based solely on the information in the submission and performance during the professional discussion.

You will be contacted directly by their Assessor to arrange a convenient time for your professional discussion. Professional discussions will be recorded for quality assurance purposes with your permission.

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There are 4 main criteria. The most important concept to understand is the competency framework, as this lies at the heart of your submission

You are assessed against the following areas:

  • Knowledge and understanding across all ChMC competencies;
  • Successful application of all ChMC competencies;
  • Commitment to professional ethics and continuing professional development (CPD);
  • Sponsor support of your application.

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Corporate pathways to ChMC provide professional recognition for your team. Helping with talent acquisition and providing professional assurance to your clients that your consultants meet the Chartered standard.

We recently surveyed our current ChMC's, here's what they had to say:

ChMC - Over 7 in 10

Early career professionals agreed that being on a pathway to ChMC motivated them to stay with a firm

ChMC - 84_

of respondents make their clients aware that they are a Chartered Management Consultant

ChMC - 9 out of 10

Believe ChMC demonstrates their integrity and commitment to ethics through adherence to the competency framework