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You bring the ambition. We've got the guidance to get you there.

Congratulations! You've been awarded Foundation Chartered Manager (fCMgr) status as an extra commendation for the hard work you put into your CMI programme. Now, what's your next goal?

Since you completed your CMI programme, we've added an exciting new dimension to the recognition earned from it, and we didn’t want you to miss out. So, if you reinstate your CMI membership for just £50*, or £5 a month, you can now proudly tell the world you’re a Foundation Chartered Manager and put the letters ‘fCMgr’ after your name!

The best part, though, is that being a Foundation Chartered Manager puts your long-term career goals firmly within your reach. Get clear, tailored development guidance to help you from one milestone to the next — not only showing your commitment to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), but also setting you up with a lifelong career partner dedicated to helping you succeed.

If you have graduated from your BTEC course with Pearson, please email membership@managers.org.uk with a copy of your certificate to upgrade to Foundation Chartered Manager status.

Benefits & Results

With each step in the Foundation Chartered Manager pathway aligned to the CMI Professional Standard, you can rest assured that you’re being continually guided toward success by the UK’s leading experts on Management & Leadership.

Development activities you complete as a Foundation Chartered Manager each bring you one step closer to becoming a fully-fledged Chartered Manager, which offers a whole unique spectrum of long-term career advantages of its own.

Chartered Managers stand out in stark contrast to the competition...

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92% Report greater self-awareness

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90% Have better self-confidence

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92%Say they're better managers for it

...and they’re far more desirable to employers.

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73%Exceed their targets thanks to their superior skills

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86%Employers believe it has a positive impact on their reputation

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64%Find ways to make savings for their organisation


Former CMI Student Ambassador Victoria Stace talks about her experience as a CMI member

Andrew Robins CMgr MCMI explains how becoming a Chartered Manager aided his career

Rebecca Frain
"[Chartered Manager] builds confidence, professionalism and it really gets the productivity that you and your company are after."
Rebecca Frain CMgr FCMI

Chartered Manager

Rebecca Frain
"CMI helped me with everything: my employability; my knowledge and skills; and my self-confidence."
Elizabeth Frolova

Former CMI Student Ambassador

Rebecca Frain
"Getting my team Chartered has transformed [our organisation]. It gives us a shared understanding and breaks down silos."
Prof. Bob Cryan CMgr CCMI

Chartered Manager Employer