Digital Badge Verification

Our system verifies the badges issued by the Chartered Management Institute on completion of their learning.

Badge Valid

  • Issued to: Oleg Lavrynovych
  • Awarded on: 07/11/2023
  • Expires on: 01/12/2024

What does this badge mean?

Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be awarded in the management and leadership profession. Recognising individuals with exceptional leadership skills and dedication to their own Continuing Professional Development.

Chartered Manager status is a key differentiator, and can only be awarded by the Chartered Management Institute. To achieve Chartered Manager status individuals are assessed on:

  • Personal skills
  • Expertise in leading people
  • Ability to manage and adapt to change
  • Applying management skills to deliver positive business results

What can Chartered Managers bring to your organisation?

Chartered Managers sit in every role, sector and industry and are able to demonstrate a positive impact on their organisations. Research shows that:

  • 95% say that Chartered Manager demonstrates their use of managerial skills to achieve organisational results
  • Each Chartered Manager boosts their business’ revenue by £62k every year
  • 78% say that since becoming Chartered, they have had a positive impact on the wider team in their organisation

Find out more about Chartered Manager status, or meet the Chartered Managers who are having a positive impact on themselves, their teams and organisations.

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Who are CMI

CMI is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards of management and leadership excellence. With a member community of over 180,000, CMI gives managers and leaders, and their organisations, the skills they need to improve their performance and create an impact.