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Unirazak MBAS.

First in Malaysia to earn UK's top management accreditation.

UNIRAZAK MBA students will become the first at a Malaysian university to earn the UK’s highest professional management accreditation, Chartered Manager, following a new partnership with the UK’s Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The partnership will see an estimated 180 students studying MBA courses with focus on Leadership, Services Management, and Retail and Hypermarket, together with the MSc in Management – Human Resource Management (MSM-HRM), earn CMI’s Level 7 Strategic Leadership and Management qualification, in addition to their MBA accreditation. The students will also work toward achieving CMI’s Chartered Manager status, the UK’s most prestigious management accreditation, recognising the application of knowledge and competence to the highest standards. It’s expected that CMI qualifications and accreditations will also be made available to undergraduate students as part of the partnership.

The agreement marks the first direct higher education partnership for CMI in Malaysia and allows UNIRAZAK, one of the first private universities in Malaysia, to demonstrate the academic rigour and the skills development delivered through their programmes.

Ian Myson, CMI’s Director of Higher Education Partnerships, commented:

“Forward thinking universities such as UNIRAZAK are adopting a global outlook and looking to offer value above and beyond the traditional university qualification. Through dual-accrediting UNIRAZAK’s MBA students and enabling them to gain CMI qualification and Chartered Manager accreditation, this will enable them to be significantly more effective in the workplace and give them an advantage in the competitive global job market.”

Datuk Seri Prof. Dr. Md Zabid Abdul Rashid, President and Vice Chancellor of UNIRAZAK, commented:

“CMI’s accreditation of UNIRAZAK MBA’s is an extraordinary ‘value proposition’ to the professional managers working in Malaysia and abroad. The Chartered Manager status will enhance the recognition of professional managers working in diverse sectors that can create higher value added, fosters greater efficiency and effectiveness, and ultimately superior organisational performances. Through CMI, our MBA graduates will better manage their institutions through this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.”

CMI’s partnership with UNIRAZAK demonstrates its growing presence in Malaysia and the Far East more generally and the increasing uptake of universities working with CMI to embed professional accreditations in their courses. CMI also works with a number of Malaysian higher education providers through existing university partnerships in the UK.

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