Recently Withdrawn - Level 3 in First Line Management

This qualification has been recently withdrawn

The Level 3 qualifications in First Line Management are developed for junior managers, supervisors and first line managers who have operational responsibility for a defined area of activity and who wish to build on and develop their existing management skills and knowledge. This qualification gives junior managers the communication and motivational skills to help improve operational efficiency.


Our Level 3 Award in First Line Management provides an introduction to the skills, roles and responsibilities of this management area. It will also develop your basic knowledge by focusing on the development of specific management skills.


A more extensive qualification, our Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management gives you a broader knowledge of effective management skills while focusing on the specific management areas appropriate to you and your workplace.


With a more comprehensive structure, our Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management gives you all the key skills and competencies you'll need to become an effective first line manager.

Typical units:

  • Resource planning
  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Being a leader
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Improving team performance


Assessment is normally via practical work-based assignments provided by your Approved Centre. This ensures you minimise time away from work and that you undertake work study which is relevant to your own organisation’s context.


On successful completion of a Level 3 qualification in First Line Management, a number of progression opportunities become available:

  • Enhance your professional status by upgrading your CMI membership
  • Progress to other qualifications at the same level (e.g. from Level 3 Award to Level 3 Certificate etc.)
  • Progress to other qualifications at the next level (e.g. from Level 3 Certificate to Level 4 or 5 Certificate)
  • Apply to become a Chartered Manager

Information Documents

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Pathways Workbooks V1 : Level 3 First Line Management

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Examples of our Level 3 workbooks can be found below - click on the unit number to view inside :

Level 3 - Tutor Pack V1

Our comprehensive tutor pack includes all 12 unit workbooks plus:

  • Tutor guide - an overview of the content and learning design of the Pathways workbooks with details on how they can be integrated into current delivery materials. This guide provides several practical planning checklists designed to help tutors use the Pathways workbooks to introduce blended learning into their course delivery.
  • Student guide - a comprehensive guide providing students with information and advice to help them plan for the successful completion of their studies using the Pathways workbooks.

Level 3 - Student Pack V1

Our comprehensive student pack includes any 7 unit workbooks plus:

  • Student guide - a comprehensive guide providing students with information and advice to help them plan for the successful completion of their studies using the Pathways workbooks.
Unit 3001V1 - Personal Development as a First Line Manager

This workbook covers:

  • managing your own development and time
  • setting and meeting personal and work-related objectives 
  • building effective work relationships based on mutual support and respect
  • maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for yourself and your team
Unit 3002V1 - Resource Planning

This workbook covers:

  • planning your resource needs with your team 
  • identifying changes to resource requirements and presenting a case for them
  • monitoring the use and quality of your resources to improve efficiency
Unit 3003V1 - Meeting Stakeholder Needs

This workbook covers:

  • planning and organise activities to meet stakeholder and stakeholder needs
  • identifying and implement change to achieve continuous improvement
Unit 3004V1 - Managing and Communicating Information

This workbook covers:

  • gathering and select information
  • validating and analyse information
  • communicating information effectively
Unit 3005V1 - Identifying Development Opportunities

This workbook covers:

  • assisting others with their development
  • identifying and provide development opportunities
  • planning the work of your team
  • leading your team to achieve those work plans
  • monitoring and record progress and success
Unit 3006V1 - Recruitment and Selection Process

This workbook covers:

  • identifying and draw up personnel requirements
  • contributing to the selection process
Unit 3007V1 - Maintaining Quality Standards

This workbook covers:

  • explaining the ideas of quality, quality assurance and quality control to your team
  • outlining the benefits of a ‘quality’ culture and help to create or extend it
  • measuring quality in your area, carry out a basic quality audit and follow up on actions
Unit 3008V1 - Improving Team Performance

This workbook covers:

  • identifying issues which affect performance
  • selecting and apply the best course of action from the range of approaches available to you
  • following through to achieve the desired effect
Unit 3009V1 - Management Communication

This workbook covers:

  • applying effective information approaches within your work role
  • providing appropriate information and advice
  • making good use of meetings
Unit 3010V1 - Being a Leader

This workbook covers:

  • understanding organisational requirements for a leader
  • different leadership styles
  • how a leader builds a shared sense of purpose with a team
Unit 3017V1 - Introduction to First Line Management

This workbook covers:

  • role of the first line manager and construction of a personal development plan
  • stakeholders, their needs and planning to meet those needs
  • establish and develop working relationships; manage team performance
Unit 3018V1 - Corporate Social Responsibility

This workbook covers:

  • application of corporate social responsibility in an organisation
  • organisational responsibilities for corporate social responsibility
  • the relevance of corporate social responsibility to departmental performance

Pathways Workbooks V1

Pathways Workbooks V1 support CMI V1 qualifications introduced in September 2014.

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