Chartered Manager

What is the ultimate manager worth to your organisation? More than you think. A lot more...

Helping people become Chartered Managers isn’t just about conferring a new level of status – it’s been proven to deliver returns worth over £391,443* to an organisation.

Don’t just take our word for it, with a net promoter score of 68, our members spread the word about the importance of Chartered Managers within their workplace.

Only the CMI can award this coveted managerial status. The public and private sectors have quickly acknowledged its worth in delivering superior expertise, higher levels of professional integrity and advanced leadership capabilities. 

Go beyond the norm

Most managers agree it offers benefits well beyond typical management qualifications, and list it as one of the three most effective ways to develop their abilities. No wonder more and more business schools are combining Chartered Manager into their qualifications to produce ever more capable managers.


There are a number of ways to attain Chartered Manager status: the experientialqualified or exemption routes.


To help select the right one our Chartered Manager Employer Survey Tool will quickly identify which route is right for any individual (contact our team to find out more).

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