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CMI’s ultimate guide to email etiquette

You may know how to text and have a conversation through gifs – but do you actually know how to draft an email?

Rosie Gailor
29 October 2019


Should you talk about mental health in an interview?

Mental health issues can be difficult to bring up, but one leading HR director pays to be upfront

Mark Rowland
17 October 2019

Barbecue over wood fireplace

Don’t Be Tied to Your Desk: a Talent Manager’s Advice for Young Professionals

Being engaged with your job is important, but don’t prioritise work over play.

Pavita Cooper
26 September 2019

Spilt Coffee

How to admit to making a mistake at work

It’s never easy to put your hands up when things go wrong at work. From keeping level-headed to staying truthful, here’s how to have that dreaded conversation – and come out on top.

Natalia Georgiou
18 September 2019

Playing card in hand

How to negotiate pay, perks and promotions

Whether you’re about to start a new job or have an upcoming performance review, it’s important to know how to ask for what you want

Mark Rowland
18 September 2019


How to Create a Skills Plan

So you’re on the management career path. How does a systematic commitment to CPD benefit you in future?

Ian Wylie
22 August 2019

Hand Writing on post it note and planner

Continuing professional development: what does CPD actually mean?

So you’re on the management career path. How does a systematic commitment to CPD benefit you in future?

Joe Levell & Sophie Scoular
07 August 2019

Mobile Phone in hand

The links between mental health and technology

Simon Blake, Chief Executive of Mental Health First Aid England, spoke to students about the links between social media and technology

Jessica Bond
07 August 2019


How to Boost Your Communication Skills

We’ve become increasingly adept at using PCs, smartphones and other devices to share links and files when at work. But what’s the most effective communication tool that we’re neglecting? Our voice.

Ian Wylie
19 July 2019

Signpost in front of sunset

Embracing opportunities to help work out what you want to do

How to make the most of situations you may face at University.

Corey Kemp
17 July 2019