North West

Are you a manager living or working in the North West of England?

If so, why not become a part of our network in the North West, and interact with managers in your area using the dedicated discussion area below and attend some fantastic events throughout the year (open to all CMI members).

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Board Members

Communications Champion Gillian Cosser FCMI
Apprenticeships/Social Media Champion Neil Crimes MCMI
Board Member Lucy Cheng
Diversity & Inclusion Champion Lynne Hamilton CMgr FCMI
Future Leaders Champion George Mathews MCMI
Higher Education Champion Roger McCartney CMgr FCMI
Financial Champion Steve Keeton CMgr MCMI MIET
IC ChampionJulie King FIC
CMI Women Champion Claire Povah CMgr FCMI
Future Leaders Champion Andrew Reay CMgr FCMI
Events Champion Christina Tosi CMgr FCMI

Board Roles

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Younger Leader / Manager Champion 
Younger Leader / Manager Champion