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and gain a management qualification recognised throughout the UK and Europe.

As the only chartered professional body in the field of management and leadership, you are assured that CMI qualifications are of the highest quality.

Each year over 30,000 people study a CMI qualification. Here's why...

  • Valued by employers - our qualifications are designed in consultation with employers to meet today's demands
  • Flexible - study locally via one of our 600+ Approved Centres or through a Distance Learner Provider
  • Progressive - progress through Award, Certificate and Diploma and qualification levels 2-8
  • Range - over 110 qualifications at every management level, providing development suitable to all managers
  • Supported - resources designed specifically for your qualification to ensure you have the correct support
  • Free membership - for the duration of your study you will have access to all key membership services

What are the benefits of a professional qualification with CMI?

  1. You'll be more marketable - a qualification speaks volumes to prospective employers, giving you the advantage when looking for your next career move.

  2. You can earn more - research proves that those with a qualification will earn more through their career.

  3. You'll perform better - a qualification will not only sharpen your existing skills, it will equip you with a range of new ones.

Still unsure? Perhaps the statistics from recent research better summarises what achieving a CMI qualification will do for you:

Over 85% of managers agreed their management and leadership qualification improved their performance and by transferring their new skills to the work place, almost all have seen a vast improvement in their teams' performance too.

78% of employers agreed that qualifications provide quality assurance for customers and that the benefits outweighed the time, money and effort invested in obtaining them.

More than 80% of managers say that taking a management qualification has resulted in increased professional recognition, with most stating that employers prefer qualified managers when recruiting.

This was confirmed by a further 53% advising that their qualification had helped them in gaining a promotion.