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Accredited Practice Scheme

Our Accredited Practice scheme provides an opportunity to recognise the competence achieved through in-house training and development.

Accreditation provides an important route to CMC for individuals within practices enabling you to develop and manage the talent of your consultants whilst also providing an attractive benefit when recruiting for potential employees of the future. Benefits include:

  1. External independent recognition of your commitment to the highest professional standards
  2. Acknowledgement of the excellence of your training and development systems
  3. A clear statement to your advisors of your commitment to their professional development
  4. A means of differentiating your advisors
  5. A cost-effective route for awarding CMC

Accredited Practices will have in place processes and procedures for the development and appraisal of their consultants. IC audit these processes and the standards underpinning them to identify a point of equivalence between the development and achievements of individuals within your practice and our own CMC Award.

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