Consultancy Standards and Qualifications Committee.

Terms of Reference


IC: Institute of Consulting

CMI: Chartered Management Institute

ICMCI: International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

CMC: Certified Management Consultant

CRC: Certified Recruitment Consultant

Primary Objectives

  • Advise IC on qualifications and standards in consultancy, including oversight of CMC and other comparable awards such as CRC
  • Advise on wider developments within the consultancy and business advice qualifications portfolio within the Institute
  • Ensure that this committee satisfies the ICMCI requirements that the awarding and assessment processes of the CMC qualification are overseen by an informed group of management consultants.

Key Tasks

  1. Provide support and advice to the IC and the appropriate Committees and staff of CMI, on standards and qualifications development, potential changes to those standards, changing requirements within the profession and best practice learnt from other training providers and members of the ICMCI
  2. Oversee the certification processes for the CMC qualification to ensure compliance with existing and emerging ICMCI standards and requirements
  3. Advise IC and CMI on the impact of changes in institutional frameworks (such as CEN and ISO Standards, UK & EU legislation, directives and regulations)
  4. Respond to suggestions and comments that relate to certification, qualification, assessment and professionalism of management consultants made by stakeholders in the consulting profession
  5. Propose projects and activities aimed at improving professional standards and qualifications in the consultancy profession in the UK
  6. Make recommendations to the IC Advisory Committee, for onward submission to the CMI Board of Trustees and other Committees, as appropriate.


  • Chair (appointment by and from IC's ICMCI Trustees)
  • The IC Chief Assessor(s) (ex officio)
  • Up to 3 members elected from and by the CMC community within the IC - elected for a two year term (and in due course to be widened to encompass CRC holders)
  • Two representatives from active training providers (those members holding IC membership and the CMC) - appointed for a two year term
  • One representative from a large IC Recognised Practice - appointed for a two year term
  • Up to 2 co-opted members, as required, to provide additional expertise (appointed annually)