Arcadis Consultant, Akram Halim, on how obtaining the Associate Chartered Award has helped advance his career.

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All ChMC Case Studies

Arcadis Consultant, Akram Halim, recently achieved the Associate Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) Award.

When asked about his decision to pursue the award, Akram said:

As one of the first in my organisation to undertake the Associate award, it was a way for me to demonstrate to myself, my peers, my organisation, and my clients how much I have personally grown over the last few years. That is why I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to do this now.

Akram has found that the Associate ChMC award has helped him advance his career by allowing him to identify his strengths and areas for improvement, saying:

Going through the Associate Chartership has shown me my strengths as a consultant and has allowed me to really hone in on these so that I can better support others. It has also shown me my areas where I need to focus to become a well-rounded consultant. I’ve been able to take those away and start working with my career mentors and advocates to work out how I can improve before I go for full Chartership.

In terms of personal development, Akram believes completing the Associate ChMC award has increased his personal awareness and it has helped him understand where he fits in his organisation and the wider industry.
He said:

The Associate award has been a transformative experience for me, significantly enhancing my personal and professional growth. Through this journey, I have gained a deep understanding of myself, my organisation, and the broader industry landscape. This has enabled me to gain a unique perspective and identify new opportunities for growth and development. I firmly believe that this experience has not only helped me in my current role but has also prepared me to take on greater responsibilities and make a more significant impact in my future career.

Akram attributes his success to the vast support he received from his firm. He said:

My mentors and advocates have helped me unlock my strengths, especially the ones I don’t see in myself, and understand where I want to be in the next 5 to 10 years based on the organisation’s direction and industry’s evolution. They also helped me identify the gaps for me.

Akram believes that the designation holds significant meaning for him and the industry, saying:

It means a lot to me as an individual and the industry as well. The designation demonstrates my ability to deliver quality work to clients and that working with the person holding it is investing in someone with capable hands who can deliver on valuable work. It also shows my passion for the work that I do and the desire I have to have a longer lasting impact with the people I work with and for.

Akram would recommend the Associate ChMC award to others. He believes it provides a perfect opportunity for individuals to reflect on their skills and celebrate their strengths and achievements to date, while also providing a forward-looking perspective on what is possible to achieve in the future and areas where advancement can be anticipated.

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