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Can’t wait for Management Book of the Year 2019? Say hello to this year’s shortlist!

Whether you’re a new manager looking for a bit of expert guidance, or a seasoned CEO looking for innovative new ways to lead your organisation into a successful future, this year’s candidates for Management Book of the Year are sure to inspire.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Book cover of subscribed


Tien Tzuo & Gaabe Weisert - Penguin Random House

Today's consumers prefer the advantages of access over the hassles of ownership. It's not just internet services like Netflix and Spotify; even industrial firms like GE and Caterpillar are reinventing themselves as solutions providers. Whether you sell software, clothes, insurance, or industrial machines, you need to master the transition to the subscription model.

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The Elemental Workplace book cover

The Elemental Workplace

Neil Usher - LID Publishing

This book is intended for all, whether managing a property portfolio or a project, managing people, owning or running a business, or just taking an interest in the workplace to which they are treated, or subject and want to get something done about it. "The Elemental Workplace" is soundly practical in its approach and presentation. This guide explains why you need a fantastic workplace, how to create it, and what it comprises.

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Can I have you attention book cover

Can I Have Your Attention?

Curt Steinhorst & Jonathan McKee - Wiley

With the distractions of today's modern workplace, Can I Have Your Attention? is written for anyone who knows that they, their employees, or their organizations can be more productive but aren't sure how to get there. It is filled with research and experience based expertise and a practical approach to the unique demands of today's workforce. The book includes ideas for training that really work, suggestions for establishing emotional engagement, and a surprising cure for employee boredom.

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Make Elephants Fly book cover

Make Elephants Fly

Steven Hoffman - Little Brown Book Group

Make Elephants Fly will help you implement the same methodologies and processes as the most innovative startups in Silicon Valley. It will show you how startups come up with breakthrough products and services; how to structure innovation teams; the best ways to identify and vet new ideas; what it takes to foster a culture of innovation and how to establish a process of innovation throughout your organisation.

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Detonate Book cover


Geoff Tuff & Steven Goldbach - Wiley

Detonate challenges organizations to question the very things that create an illusion of stability. It reveals how bad habits form, provides recommendations on how to spot—and blow up—so-called "best practices," and suggests alternatives that will help you win. Filled with illustrative examples drawn from the authors' experience with some of the world's largest and most successful companies, Detonate challenges you to remove the outdated ideas and ways of doing business that are holding you back.

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Aspiring Leaders

Leader ID Book Cover

Leader ID

David Pilbeam & Glenn Wallis - Pearson

Every leader is different. Make the most of your strengths with Leader ID. With a diagnostic test to discover your strengths and areas to improve, you'll become a more effective, authentic and confident leader. What’s your Leader ID? To be a confident, effective and authentic leader you need to play to your strengths. Leader ID will help you understand your inherent strengths and abilities, with practical and actionable insights on how to improve in areas where you're not.

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Myths of leadership book cover

Myths of Leadership

Jo Owen - Kogan Page

The thinking surrounding what makes the greatest leaders is increasingly muddled by stereotypes, snake oil promises and pseudo-science. The best leaders rely on fact, not fads. Myths of Leadership blasts away the fluff and confronts false legends head on. Jo Owen uses the most credible research to analyse each myth, using international business case studies, leadership theory and insightful interviews, to uncover the truth.

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The Diversity Bonus Book Cover

The Diversity Bonus

Scott E. Page - Princeton University Press

How can aspiring managers improve their performance by tapping the power of differences in how people think? Scott Page makes a compelling case for diversity and inclusion. He presents overwhelming evidence that teams that include different kinds of thinkers outperform homogenous groups on complex tasks, producing what he calls “diversity bonuses”. These bonuses include improved problem solving, increased innovation, and more accurate predictions, which lead to better performance and results.

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Leadership Results Cover

Leadership Results

Sebastian Salicru - Wiley

A new model for leaders to deliver the results the world needs today. Explores the fall of traditional leadership thinking and a multibillion dollar leadership development industry that is failing to deliver results. Debunks pervasive myths and assumptions about leadership. Offers actionable steps on how to take bold action to change the status quo, develop individual leaders and the collective leadership capacity that builds trust and deliver collaboration, ethics, innovation, results and prosperity.

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Walk the Talk Book Cover

Walk the Talk

Anjali Hazarika - SAGE Publishing

If we recognize that economic growth requires the efficient allocation of resources, then how can half of the world’s population be prevented from making a full contribution? We acknowledge that women are different, yet fail to realize their potential as equals. We accept that women need to be empowered, yet debate who should take the lead and who the stakeholders are. This book is a must-read for those who would like to walk the talk and suggests how, together, we can ensure equity with effectiveness. It provides ideas and an agenda for action to create an ecosystem of empowerment.

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Management Futures

Humans as a service book cover

Humans as a Service

Jeremias Prassl - Oxford University Press

An engaging account of work in the gig economy across the world: its opportunities, its problems, and its wider implications. Humans as a Service examines the competing narratives surrounding 'gigs', sharing, and collaboration and the reality of platforms reliant on on-demand workforces and develops a blueprint to solve the problems facing on-demand workers, platforms, and their customers.

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She's Back book cover

She’s Back

Lisa Unwin & Deb Khan - Urbane Publications

Women's careers twist and turn. Women step back or away for so many reasons. So, let's face it, returning is tough. She's Back is your essential guide to a successful return. Lisa and Deb draw on years of research across several different sectors and their experience of working with and listening to the stories of thousands of women to provide a fresh, pragmatic and, above all, useful handbook for today's fast evolving job market, in a world of #MeToo and 'Time's Up, She's Back'.

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Wake up and smell the coffee book cover

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Dr Simon Mac Rory - LID Publishing

The deconstruction of the traditional workplace hierarchy, abandonment of performance appraisal, and the impact of millennials all point to a revival of teams for the first time in over 20 years. Delivering improved team effectiveness does not have to be time-consuming. The Team Diagnostic Profiler is a methodology and process that is easy to use, self-administering and can deliver 10 to 20% improvement in team effectiveness when deployed in a corporate team strategy.

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Factfulness book cover


Hans Rosling, Ola Rosling & Anna Rosling Rӧnnlund - Hodder & Stoughton

When asked simple questions about global trends - why the world's population is increasing; how many young women go to school; how many of us live in poverty - we systematically get the answers wrong. So wrong that a chimpanzee choosing answers at random will consistently outguess journalists, Nobel laureates, and investment bankers. Factfulness offers a radical new explanation of why this happens, and reveals the ten instincts that distort our perspective.

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WTF Book cover


Robert Peston - Hodder & Stoughton

In Robert Peston's WTF? he draws on his years of experience as a political, economics and business journalist to show us what has gone bad and gives us a manifesto to put at least some of it right. Framed by two letters to his father (who died in early 2016) WTF? is Robert Peston's highly personal account of what those who have ruled us for years got so badly wrong, and what we need to do to mend the terrible fractures in our society.

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Practical Manager

The Grid Book Cover

The Grid

Matt Watkinson - Penguin Random House

A revolutionary model for business success, The Grid combines practical guidance with real-world examples to bring clarity and confidence to business decision-making.

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The CEO next door book cover

The CEO Next Door

Elena Botelho, Kim Powell & Tahl Raz - Penguin Random House

Drawing on the biggest dataset of CEOs in the world -- in-depth analysis of 2,600 leaders, drawn from a database of 17,000 CEOs, as well as 13,000 hours of interviews -- The CEO Next Door is crammed full of myth-busting and counter-intuitive insights in what it really takes to get ahead. Discover the way actual CEOs of top companies think and behave, and the kind of traits to develop if you want to make your ambitions a reality and take your career right to the top.

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Is your job making you ill book cover

Is Your Job Making You Ill?

Dr Ellie Cannon - Little Brown Book Group

When you are in this situation, it can be very difficult to know where to turn, who to speak to or where to find good quality help and advice. In Is Your Job Making You Ill?, Dr Ellie Cannon uses her decade of experience treating patients to create an essential resource for anybody suffering from job-related ill-health.

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The Negotiation book cover

The Negotiation Book - Practical Steps to Becoming a Master Negotiator

Nicole Soames - LID Publishing

An inspiring and engaging handbook packed expert advice, practical tools and exercises to help you master the art of negotiation. This book will help you develop your emotional intelligence so you can become a highly skilled negotiator in all areas of your life - whether you're negotiating with customers, colleagues, family or friends. Learn how to develop a winning mindset, prepare successfully for any negotiation, recognise and respond to different negotiation situations, deal effectively with gameplay, manage the negotiation conversation and understand how to draw the negotiations to a successful close.

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High potential book cover

High Potential

Ian MacRae, Adrian Furnham & Martin Reed - Bloomsbury Publishing

High Potential provides a practical framework for managers to create a strong, strategic vision for a high-performing, high-potential workforce. Updated to reflect recent research in the area, the book presents an accessible guide to clearly understanding and defining potential, and how to manage high-potential employees and develop their career. New case studies show how businesses have used concepts from the book to nurture future talent in the workplace and gain a real competitive business advantage.

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