Claire Davies, CMgr MCMI

Since becoming a Chartered Manager, Claire Davies says she’s able to take a step back and take a more emotionally intelligent perspective when dealing with difficult situations.

Becoming Chartered has given me an extended drive and passion to continue my development journey and allow my skills and experience to assist others.

Claire's journey to success

CMI interviewed Claire about her route to Chartered Manager.

Describe your route to becoming a Chartered Manager?

I have always been ambitious, and following my role in the British Army and the prison service, I discovered that I was more strategically focused and found that the CMI Level 7 diploma best suited my developmental needs. My route to becoming a Chartered Manager was self-funded. I’m a serial learner, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my leadership skills.

What would you say to someone considering becoming a Chartered Manager?

I would definitely encourage any manager to undertake the accreditation. It is invaluable for building your credibility and your personal development. I have had conversations with my colleagues about the benefits of being Chartered and they are now pursuing the qualification.

How has your employer used your Chartered status?

Even though my journey to become a Chartered Manager was self-funded and completed before I joined Warburtons, I’m happy to say that as a company they really recognise my career progression and continued professional development.

Claire's route to success map

What have been the main benefits to you of earning Chartered accreditation?

For me, being Chartered allows me to take that further step forward in demonstrating integrity and good leadership skills. The main benefit has been the change in my response when handling difficult conversations. Since becoming Chartered, I feel I have the knowledge to be able to take a step back and take a more emotionally intelligent approach. I now consider the needs of an individual instead of saying what first comes to mind.


The Value of Chartered Managers

Chartered Managers make an essential economic contribution to the UK economy and businesses. In uncertain times, never has it been more important to ensure that all UK managers are professionally qualified to the highest level.

Becoming a Chartered Manager was a personal aspiration as my previous highest qualifications were trade based. The new approaches to management I learnt through achieving Chartered status and then brought to my day to day role were reflected in increased remuneration from my company.

Andrew Hughes CMgr MCMI, Dean University of the Arts Fashion Business School

Impact on Individuals

Average pay rise of a manager as a result of becoming Chartered


Impact on Businesses

Chartered Managers boost their business revenue by £62k each year and £310k over 5 years

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Impact on Economy

Additional contribution to the UK economy every year from each manager becoming Chartered

Start your own journey to Chartered Manager

Gaining Chartered Manager status involves reflecting on your recent workplace achievements and how you effectively apply your management skills to deliver positive business results.

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