The Girl with the X-ray eyes: shedding light on imperceptible networks

The most important information in organisations is the nature of the networks: Who likes whom; who do they trust; who do they help most; who are central and who’s peripheral? There are now tools to quantify these kind of imperceptible information and management networks…

24 November 2015

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Size zero: Is this lean approach to business the future?

Entrepreneur and management thinker Philip Letts on why his ruthless ‘size zero’ approach is the shape of things to come

24 November 2015

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Meet the Pro50: How management training is boosting productivity at ISG

Competition in the £103bn construction industry is fierce, so firms need to stand out from the crowd and offer something different

24 November 2015

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Reward yourself, track your time, try the Pomodoro technique: 24 classic productivity tips

Which daily routines and tips help you to be more productive? We recently invited readers of Insights and Professional Manager to put forward suggestions, and they came up with some crackers…

23 November 2015

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How to make franchising a success

Find out the secrets of making a franchise business model a success for people on both sides of the equation: the third in a series leading up to the announcement of the Management Book of the Year 2016 winners

20 November 2015


The Asia opportunity: time to build a global network of professional managers

Having just returned from Asia, I’m convinced there’s an opportunity to build a global, connected professional management community

19 November 2015


How to manage a horrible boss: the control freak

The latest in our series of managing horrible bosses looks at the micro-manager and how best to deal with a boss who wants to dictate your every move

18 November 2015

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The 6 hour working day and other global ideas for improving work/life balance

Swedish companies are trialling shortened working hours to improve staff health and boost company performance. How else are different countries looking to steady the work/life balance of their staff?

17 November 2015

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Meet The Pro50: How Newssolutions is taking productivity to the masses

As part of the News UK behemoth, Newssolutions is placed at the heart of British publishing. Here, Professional Manager talks to commercial director, operations Tracey Hart to find out how her lean and agile team is developing productive publishing for all

17 November 2015

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How important are company values?

With the scandals surrounding “sustainability” advocates Volkswagen and the “community-focused” Co-Op Group, company value systems are often criticised as nothing more than words in an annual report. Here, Insights shows you how getting staff to live by your values can help boost performance and drive success

16 November 2015