Six Signs a Board is in Trouble

With Sports Direct, Volkswagen and Tesco all facing their share of boardroom difficulties this year, guest blogger Ben Stones takes a look at the warning signs that might indicate something is wrong at the top

13 October 2015

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Learn the six qualities of a great public speaker

Public speaking is difficult to master, but by focusing on these six key traits you can start your journey to becoming a better presenter

12 October 2015

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How good management promotes a healthy work-life balance

As we mark World Mental Health Day, Insights investigates how the pressure to be a 24/7 employee is putting a strain on Britain’s workers, and how good management can be the solution

09 October 2015

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New evidence explains why multitasking is bad for you

One billion working days are lost in the UK every year due to multi-tasking, according to new research from Ranstad

09 October 2015

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Meet the Chartered Manager: The High Flyer

Chartered Manager status does not just provide you with the skills needed to be a brilliant manager, it can also provide your career with the boost it needs to take it to the next level. Here, Insights discovers the story of Reetu Kansal and how getting Chartered helped her career blossom

08 October 2015


Tattoos in the workplace: is the taboo fading?

New research has found that the majority of UK workers think people with tattoos or piercings will face discrimination in the workplace. But with nearly half of workers having already gone under the needle, could ink soon become a more common sight in the office?

08 October 2015

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Showstoppers: How The Great British Bake Off Is Boosting British Business

As Tamal, Nadiya and Ian fight it out to be crowned winner of The Great British Bake-Off in tonight’s final, Insights takes a look at how the hit show has started a baking business revolution

07 October 2015

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Piers Linney is wrong: entrepreneurship is a blast

The former BBC Dragon has provoked howls of protest from Britain’s entrepreneurs, and raised the question: are we all capable of running our own business?

06 October 2015

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How the Big Four accountants are shaking up the traditional interview process

Big Four auditor Deloitte has become the latest major company to abandon traditional academic requirements for employing career starters, but how are leading employers innovating their recruitment practices to find the best talent for their organisation?

05 October 2015

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How do you become a talent magnet?

As generational changes begin to take hold in the workplace, guest blogger Stephanie Harper looks at the best ways to attract and retain staff that will drive your business forward

05 October 2015

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