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    CMI and MoralDNA Masterclass

    Values based leadership and decision making.

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SMEs taking your business forward

Entrepreneurship is alive in the UK. The launch and subsequent growth of small and medium sized businesses across the country presents a great opportunity. Join us for this event and take away tangible tips & practical actions to apply to your own business.

06 January 2015

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Personal Resilience and Assertiveness

You have unique strengths that motivate you and help you achieve desired outcomes. For many reasons, you may not always feel able to draw on your strengths.

08 January 2015

MoralDNA Masterclass

CMI and MoralDNA Masterclass

Facilitated by Peter Neville Lewis MIRM, ethics should be at the heart of every organisation’s culture, whatever their size or sector. CMI research shows that higher scores for managers’ ethics are linked to higher organisational performance.

12 January 2015

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How to get the best from networking - Webinar

In this webinar, we will look at the Five Rights of Productive Marketing. How come some people seem to find networking comes naturally whilst others really struggle?

12 January 2015

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Get it! Write! Writing on the Edge - Workshop 3

Are you interested in joining a CMI Writers' group? Join us for the third in our series of free workshops.

14 January 2015

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Managing the Value of Your Talent

Drawing on a major piece of research for the UK government and in conjunction with the professional bodies of accounting, management and people, the project's leader, Dr. Anthony Hesketh, of Lancaster University Management School, will take seminar participants through the main implications of the research.

15 January 2015

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The Power of Knowledge

In this engaging presentation, our speaker Rose Atkinson will outline how consultants can add value through Knowledge Management (KM). Rose will explain how KM actively supports all stages of the consultancy cycle and ultimately empowers the client.

15 January 2015

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Manage like a girl

Following on from our successful inaugural meeting in November, this is an informal meeting to share ideas and network in a relaxed environment.

15 January 2015

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Leaders in Wales Mind the Gap

To create the “Wales we Want for 2050”, the gap Barbara will be referring to is that of our GDP gap compared to the rest of the UK.

21 January 2015

Coffee News

Inaugural Management Book Club Meeting

Join us our inaugural meeting, where in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere, we will discuss the book "Head, Heart & Guts: How the World's Best Companies Develop Complete Leaders". The book looks at the qualities managers need to be resilient and thrive in the business world today.

21 January 2015