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Managing Volunteers - What they don't teach you at business school

Volunteers form part of the fabric of society and like everyone else they need to be managed and led, but management practices and styles that are successful in the workplace do not always translate into the world of the volunteer.

26 November 2014


Innovation Masterclass for managers

Join us for an informative and entertaining Masterclass. We will discuss the findings and reflections from our Managing Innovation Workshop where we explored what managers need to do differently to keep surfing the front of the wave of innovation.

26 November 2014


Women in Management Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Presenting to an audience, no matter how small, is a task that some women find an uncomfortable experience. Or some may simply need some guidance as to how to be better prepared.

27 November 2014

MoralDNA Masterclass

CMI and MoralDNA Masterclass

When it comes to management and leadership in the 21st century, the truth is that who cares, wins. Ethics should be at the heart of every organisation’s culture, whatever their size or sector. CMI research shows that higher scores for managers’ ethics are linked to higher organisational performance.

27 November 2014

Hr Trends

Trends in HR

Peter Cheese CEO CIPD will lead a discussion on current trends in Human resource Management.

27 November 2014

Social Media

Get the best from Social Media

Learn how to get the most from social media for professional purposes. Paul Sampson of Bizlinks will share how to use social media for effective networking, recruitment and business development.

27 November 2014

Flood Rain

Bath Flood Risk Management - North Quays Green Park

Join us for this presentation, where our speaker Simon Martin will talk about how the Council plans to manage flood risk in the North Quays - Green Park area of Bath.

27 November 2014

Member Event

Managers vs Leaders

Eliesha Training Cymru brings you Managers vs. Leaders Bitesize Session in Partnership with CMI Cymru.

This Bitesize Session looks at the Manager vs. Leader debate to enable you to consider the best approach for you.

05 December 2014


Webinar - How writing a book can boost your business

Most people have, at some time, thought of writing a book detailing their personal triumphs and tribulations but maybe not considered it as a possible marketing tool for their business. Writing a book gives you and your business credibility and the resulting book can be used in so many ways: as a corporate gift, displayed in reception, as a form of handout in training courses or to be given out at presentations.

05 December 2014


Theory U Workshop

A one-day introductory workshop in Theory U: "How to Facilitate Innovation and Profound Change at Personal, Organisational and Societal levels."

11 December 2014