Northern Ireland

Are you a manager living or working in Northern Ireland?

If so, why not  become a part of our network in Northern Ireland, interact with managers in your area using the dedicated discussion area below and attend some fantastic events throughout the year (open to all CMI members).



Deputy First Minister Martin McGuiness presents the All Ireland Consultant Business award to Moya Doherty Chair RTE for her outstanding management, leadership and creativity on Wednesday 21st September 2016 at the Belfast Harbour Commissioners Offices in Belfast. Looking on is CMI NI Chair David Sales.

Ms Doherty said she was honoured to be receiving the award and she was indebted to the Charetered Management Institute for her nomination. The last 20 years have seen a seismic shift in the way business, success and creativity need to interact, a move away from hierarchy and confidence to what may be termed networking and complexity.

* From Left Martin McGuiness, Moya Doherty and David Sales, Chair Northern Ireland Board

Stanley WallaceCMI NI Board member Stanley Wallace pictured with Northern Ireland Football Manager Michael ONeill one of the speakers at the recent Leadership & Management SuMMit held in the Titantic Building in Belfast.

Board Members

ChairDavid Sales CMgr FCMI
Board Member Matthew Bain
Communications Champion Steven Chambers CMgr FCMI CMC FIC
Board MemberLinzi Conway CMgr
Networks/CMgr Champion Tom Doran CMgr FCMI FIC
CMI Women Champion Laura Dowie
Student Ambassador ChampionKarolyn Gaston
Board MemberDirk van der Herik CMgr
Board Member Karise Hutchinson CMgr FCMI
Co-opted Board Member Joe McCormack FIC  
Board Member Dorothy McElwee CMgr MCMI
Board MemberJohn Mulholland CMgr
HE/IC Champion Stanley Wallace FCMI
Student Ambassador Champion Toyah Warnock
Board Member Jo-Anne Watson
Board MemberKen Webb

Board Roles

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