Diverse leaders with diverse teams deliver the best results.


CMI is all about developing and enabling brilliant leaders; giving them the management skills they need to fulfill their own potential and unlock the potential of others.

At the heart of this commitment is a belief that diversity is the foundation for good leadership and management as it improves financials, creates a better culture and ensures less risky decision making.

That's why we've launched CMI Women. We want organisations to embrace gender diversity and put it at the heart of their agenda and business practice.

Why the drive for gender diversity?

Workplace Equality could add 150 billion pounds to the UK economy by 2525.
Male managers are 40 percent more likely to be promoted than women in management.
The gender pay gap among male and female managers still stands at 23 percent, equivalent to approximately £8964.
82% of manager agree diversity training should be core to every manager's professional development.
Managers rate flexible working as one of the top five routes to helping women progress.
Only 8 percent of managers say that their organisation sets gender diversity targets.

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