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    Agile Working is Essential

    Businesses must be ready for change

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    Not All Growth is Easy to Showcase

    Webinar: 5 simple steps for a top-notch Personal Development Plan.

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    5 Signs You Have Accidental Managers.

    And what you can do about them.

Stress Management A Five Point Guide for Managers in Lockdown

Stress management: a five-point guide for managers in lockdown

Identify the stress triggers. Work out physically. Adjust your work priorities. Learn new skills. Find your ‘good stress’. Insights from CMI’s ManagementDirect treasure trove

27 March 2020

Epidemics move fast everything depends on speed

“Epidemics move fast... everything depends on speed”

In building preparedness for epidemics and other ‘Black Swan’ events, investing today is the only way to guarantee an effective response tomorrow

27 March 2020

Now that's what I call distance learning

Now that’s what I call ‘distance learning’: how to maintain your personal development in a crisis

You may be committed to your own personal development plan or you may be helping your team to reach professional goals. How do you manage both, virtually?

27 March 2020

Furloughing unwrapped what employers need to know about the coronavirus job retention scheme

Furloughing: the manager’s guide to implementing the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Not many of us knew the word ‘furloughing’ until this week. Now it’s one of the hottest issues in management. We spoke to three experts about the UK government’s new job-protection scheme

27 March 2020

Working from home with children - Daisy's top tips

Working from Home - with Children! Daisy’s top tips

CMI’s head of policy Daisy Hooper has two young children and a big job. She kicked off our new Better Managers Briefing series with her own plan of action for the next few months

24 March 2020

How are British businesses diversifying in response to Covid-19?

How are British businesses diversifying in response to Covid-19?

As the impact of the outbreak intensifies, how are companies diversifying to not only create a positive impact, but to retain their staff?

24 March 2020

Covid-19: Top information sources to keep you informed

Covid-19: Top information sources to keep you informed

All of us are being asked to assess huge amounts of information on a daily basis. New concepts such as ‘furloughing’ are entering our daily vocabulary. Here are some of best, trusted resources to make sure you keep up to date

24 March 2020