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    Agile Working is Essential

    Businesses must be ready for change

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    Not All Growth is Easy to Showcase

    Webinar: 5 simple steps for a top-notch Personal Development Plan.

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    5 Signs You Have Accidental Managers.

    And what you can do about them.

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Time for a right to retrain?

The Covid-19 crisis is having severe effects on those entering the job market or who’ve been made redundant. But truly imaginative policies could trigger an renaissance in upskilling

30 June 2020

Ann Francke: Now is the Time for Careful Management and Leadership

What have we learned?

This isn’t the moment to cut back on skills and training. Quite the opposite, say two of Britain’s leading educationalists

30 June 2020

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What’s your organisation’s legacy?

The Black Lives Matter protests and the Covid-19 crisis have evoked important conversations about equality in business and society

30 June 2020

Unlocking the potential of the UK Workforce

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK economy. As we enter the recovery phase of the crisis, it has deepened the need - and created a moment of opportunity - to unlock the full potential of the UK workforce. CMI’s latest policy paper on Future Skills and Retraining makes a number of recommendations.

29 June 2020


Case Study: How one professional services firm is getting ready to welcome back employees

We speak to the law firm Reed Smith about the safety measures they’re putting in place in their building (which you may remember from the Bond movie, Skyfall)

29 June 2020

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How to manage toxic management

In the middle of such an unprecedented crisis, management and leadership must be unimpeachable. So how do you stop bad management from derailing your organisation’s return-to-work efforts?

29 June 2020

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The difference between mastering and managing time

After a fantastic CMI webinar, we wanted to collate the excellent wealth of tips we’ve accumulated from experts all over the UK to show you how to become a time master

29 June 2020