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Office employee

The shocking flaw in your mental health policy

Strategies for wellbeing do not support freelance workers

12 November 2018

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Inspiring the Future

Through campaigns such as Inspiring the Future, CMI is helping prepare young people for the workplace by outlining the range of career routes available and emphasising the importance of management skills. Many CMI members have already registered to volunteer at least an hour of their time to visit a school near where they live or work to chat informally to young people.

12 November 2018


Is a 'Harvest Festival' rule the key to staff retention?

If employees are happy at home then they’ll be happy at work, says one award-winning business leader

09 November 2018

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Bain & Company

Watch the video: Inside the UK's most inspirational workplace

Barney Hamilton, chief talent officer at Bain & Company, explains why the company is ranked top in the Leadership and Culture at Work: The CMI/Glassdoor Top 20

08 November 2018

Stressed worker

National Stress Awareness Day: UK employees say their managers aren't supportive enough

A lack of flexibility and micro-management are qualities of an unsupportive boss

07 November 2018

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This is how senior business leaders are preparing for Brexit

From reassessing business models to investing in employees, UK leaders reveal how their organisations are preparing for Brexit – and what this means for managers

06 November 2018

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05 November 2018