The End Point Assessment Process.

Guiding you through the journey.

The End Point Assessment (EPA) process is easy to follow and enables providers, employers and apprentices to be fully equipped throughout the journey.

Simply select a stage within the Apprenticeship and EPA process to see supporting content that covers everything from programme design to certification. You can also download learning materials and resources that provide extra support at each stage of the process.

Steps to EPA Success

Step 1: Getting Started

It’s vital that employers and providers understand the process of apprenticeships and their roles and responsibilities throughout.

Work-based learning

Work-based learning forms a fundamental part of an apprenticeship and must provide the apprentice with the opportunity to demonstrate their ongoing development.

CMI has created a vast range of guidance documents, as well as practical tools to help with apprenticeship delivery.

Level 3 Provider Guidance Level 5 Provider Guidance Level 6 Provider Guidance Level 7 Provider Guidance
The Process

The primary consideration throughout an apprenticeship is ensuring the apprentice is prepared for the End Point Assessment (EPA) and has gathered all the evidence they need to demonstrate their development.

Download our detailed EPA guide to support you through the apprenticeship journey.


Registering your apprentices with us for their End Point Assessment (EPA) is quick and simple. Once registered they’ll gain access to a range of tools to support them through their apprenticeship.

View our short guide to see how to register your apprentices via our online portal 'The Hub'.

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Step 2: Meet the Standards

Each apprenticeship is mapped to the new Apprenticeship Standard and comes with its own Assessment Plan which outlines how it is assessed against the standard.

The Apprenticeship Standard

The Apprenticeship Standard outlines the knowledge, skills and behaviours that must be obtained as part of an apprenticeship. It also provides you with a useful reference point to decide if an apprentice is ready for their End Point Assessment (EPA).

Find a copy of the Apprenticeship Standard, alongside a range of content mapped to the standard, on our online resource portal ManagementDirect.

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Programme delivery

Completing a CMI qualification, alongside an apprenticeship, aligns on-programme delivery to the knowledge elements of the standards. This allows the apprentice to work towards a professional qualification along the way.

All the learning must be practical and based on real work situations, not just theory. Academic qualifications at level 3 and level 5, although not mandatory, could provide a framework for the development of knowledge, skills and behaviours in the workplace.

The qualification will be assessed independently and will not form part of the EPA.

View how CMI's suite of qualifications have been mapped to the learning outcomes of the apprenticeship standards.

Level 3 mapping document Level 5 mapping document
Supporting content and resources

Completing a CMI apprenticeship gives you access to our dedicated online knowledge hub ManagementDirect, which includes specially-tailored support and key multi-media resources.

Login to ManagementDirect for content specifically mapped to the Apprenticeship Standards.

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Step 3: Evidence Gathering

Apprentices will need to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and behaviours using a number of formats, including written or recorded statements and observations, reports, presentations, appraisals and feedback.

The portfolio

The portfolio brings together all the evidence collected by the apprentice to demonstrate their development. It should be digital and accompanied by a summary document with a complete reference to the evidence supplied. For example, a timestamp should be provided with videos to identify which part of the video is being referenced.

For content specifically mapped to the Apprenticeship Standards, log in to ManagementDirect.

Level 3 Guide Level 5 Guide Level 6 Guide Level 7 Guide
The work-based project

The work-based project is completed towards the end of the apprenticeship and demonstrates how the apprentice has continually applied their learnings in a work based environment. The project must meet the Standard and demonstrate the approach taken in the planning and completion of the project.

To help prepare for and understand the requirements of the work-based project, view our useful guide.

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Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) log provides important information to support the portfolio. It demonstrates what development has taken place and how this has benefited the apprentice. It’s also an opportunity for the apprentice to reflect and identify further development opportunities, improving their self-awareness.

CMI's CPD portal tracks what content is being viewed on ManagementDirect, CMI's online resource platform. To start forming the basis of your CPD, log in to ManagementDirect and add reflective statements to your research.

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Step 4: Reviewing and Submission

The employer or provider, alongside the training provider, will need to decide whether the apprentice is ready before they can make their submission as part of the EPA Gateway.

Regular reviews

Quarterly reviews are a valuable tool to understand how an apprentice has applied what they have been taught in the workplace and assess their overall progress. Regular documented reviews provide vital evidence for the portfolio and is an opportunity to address any issues as they arise.

To help you get the most out of your reviews, download our Mentoring Guidance.

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Booking your EPA

Booking your EPA Gateway as early as possible gives your apprentice a clear milestone to aim for, ensures planning starts early and all deadlines are met.

The booking process is simple; complete our booking form and we’ll go through everything with you.

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CMI’s EPA System

Our online EPA platform maps your apprentice’s journey to EPA. They can also sit mock exams that reflect the real environment through the system.

Apprentices, training providers and employers can all access the EPA platform to help in managing the process.

Access the EPA Platform

Step 5: Assessment

The End Point Assessment is the final milestone for apprentices. It examines their ability to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours through a range of assessment methods including a work based portfolio and an interview held at the Live Assessment Day.

The EPA Gateway

The EPA Gateway outlines everything required before an apprentice can be put forward for EPA and is a crucial part of the journey. It's supported by an online platform where portfolios can be uploded or linked to. Once the gateway criteria is met and approved by CMI, the apprentice can continue to EPA.

Get ready for the EPA Gateway with our EPA Gateway checklist.

Level 3 Checklist Level 5 Checklist Level 6 Checklist Level 7 Checklist
Who's involved?

Both the employer and the training provider are represented on the EPA panel for Operations/Departmental Manager and Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA).

Download our guide to understand the roles and responsibilities of EPA panel members.

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Knowledge Test

The knowledge test takes place after a successful gateway submission but before the Live Assessment Day. Using a series of different scenarios and questions, it demonstrates an apprentice’s knowledge across a number of topics outlined in the apprenticeship standard. The knowledge test is multiple choice and delivered online through the CMI EPA platform. It can be supervised by a representative of either the training provider or employer.

To help you prepare for the test, we have a range of mock tests available alongside invigilator guidance.

View Level 3 Mock Questions View Level 5 Mock Questions

Those completing the Operations / Departmental Manager, Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) and Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship (SMLDA) will deliver a 15 minute presentation of their work-based project. This will cover: what they set out to achieve, what they produced as part of the project, how they approached their work and dealt with any issues. It will also showcase the key interpersonal and behavioural skills they demonstrated in the workplace.

The presentation will be delivered through online conferencing software, so practice is key. Read the online meeting guidance to help you prepare.

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To ensure consistency across all interviews, the Competency Based Interview is assessed using a fixed set of criteria. Using the STAR technique, apprentices will need to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they gained throughout their apprenticeship.

All questions must be answered using the STAR technique. To help you prepare, download our guidance to the STAR technique and a range of mock interview questions.

Download the guide Level 3 Mock Questions Level 5 Mock Questions Level 6 Mock Questions
Professional Discussion

A structured professional discussion will take place with the Independent Apprenticeship Assessor. This will identify the objectives of the apprentice’s Continuous Professional Development, reflect on the outcomes and how they applied their learning. Live Assessment Days for Level 6 and 7 will be delivered face to face. However, to improve flexibility, Live Assessment Days for other levels will take place via remote delivery where appropriate. Remote delivery doesn’t require any additional software and can be accessed through any device.

Download our guide to the professional discussion for more information.

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As the final achievement payment is held back until the EPA is complete, CMI is here to work with you to ensure the EPA process runs smoothly and successfully. Assessment for Chartered Manager status is included in the EPA for Operations/Departmental Manager, Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship and Senior Leader Master's Degree Apprenticeship programmes.

Completion and funding

The final 20% of the apprenticeship funding is withheld until the successful completion of the EPA, so timely success is essential. CMI can work with you to ensure that deadlines are met; this includes helping you to build time for EPA into your programme length, and ensuring that you book Gateway dates as close to the programme end as possible to minimise dropout.

To positively impact OFSTED inspections and future contract values, read the CMI Results, Feedback and Certification Guide.

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Certificate Declaration

The Apprenticeships, Skills Children and Learning Act 2009 requires that apprentices must apply for their Apprenticeship Completion Certificate. However, as an End Point Assessment Organisation, CMI can apply for this certificate on behalf of the apprentice (there must be evidence that this is being done at their request). The declaration is an ESFA requirement.

To comply with ESFA requirements, download the Certificate Declaration form and upload it at Gateway.

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CMI is the only organisation that can embed Chartered Manager status into its management and leadership apprenticeship programmes at level 5 and above.

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