About Chartered Manager

What is a Chartered Manager?

A Chartered Manager is someone who can take responsibility for people, projects, operations and/or services to deliver long term organisational success, with the professional recognition of their ability to deliver impact, behave ethically and demonstrate their commitment to continual learning and development. It has been developed by employers, led by Serco, working with both the Chartered Management Institute and the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Why is Chartered Manager included in the apprenticeship?

The reforms to the apprenticeship system seek to ensure that employers work with professional bodies, so that apprentices are able to gain professional recognition where possible. As part of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship apprentices are able to gain the knowledge and skills that a Chartered Manager needs, and to be assessed for Chartered Manager status.

What are the benefits of being a Chartered Manager?

83% of managers say that they are better managers after achieving chartered status. Chartered managers deliver £391,443 in added value to their organisation (Source: Management Excellence, May 2015).

What is the Chartered Management Institute’s role?

The Chartered Management Institute has worked with the employer group to ensure it is fully aligned to the standards of professional recognition provided by the Chartered Manager accreditation.

The Government supports the achievement of professional recognition on completion of an apprenticeship. Employers are encouraged to align apprenticeships with professional body requirements and to incorporate the achievement of professional membership and professional standards within the apprenticeship.

What is the Chartered Management Institute doing to support apprentices in achieving Chartered Manager status?

Apprentices must be registered as Associate Members with Chartered Management Institute at the start of their programme. This will give them access to resources through ManagementDirect – the Chartered Management Institute’s on-line portal.

Will the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship dilute standards for Chartered Manager?

Not at all. Apprentices will be subject to the same assessments and must demonstrate the same levels of competence and professional standards as any other individual seeking Chartered Manager status.

How does the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship lead to Chartered Management Institute membership?

Apprentices are registered as affiliate members of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) at the beginning of their programme. This ensures that apprentices are able to access the benefits of Affiliate Membership as soon as possible, including access to on-line resources through the CMI’s on-line portal Management Direct.

After the end of the apprenticeship, it will be the choice of the individual and their employer as to whether they wish to maintain their membership of CMI as a Chartered Member. If they choose not to become members, they would retain their Chartered Manager Degree and Apprenticeship qualification, but would not be able to continue to use the CMI’s designatory letters (CMgr), unless they are members and committed to staying up-to-date through their CPD activities and adherence to the CMI’s Code of Professional Practice.

For successful candidates who wish to continue to progress their career, they can later apply to become Chartered Fellows of CMI, when they have had 10 years of management experience, at least three of those being at a senior and strategic level within their organisation.