Building the future with management apprenticeships

Management apprenticeships offer a flexible and accessible route to upskilling that delivers positive results for both individuals and organisations. This helps to build capacity to ensure organisations can drive solid business improvements and remain resilient for the future.

After a difficult year we wanted to use National Apprenticeship Week 2021 to showcase the incredible impact management apprenticeships are creating.

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Your event breakdown for NAW2021

The theme for NAW2021 is ‘Build the Future,’ celebrating the motivational stories of how apprentices have helped businesses adapt and build during a difficult year.

Take a look at the events and webinars throughout the week, watch back, and share your story with us on social using #ApprenticeManager.

Better Managers Briefing for National Apprenticeship Week

Watch our 5th February Briefing video where we discuss all things management apprenticeships.

Transforming the future of your business with Apprenticeships

Considering management apprenticeships for your business, but not sure where to start?

The impact of local apprenticeship partnerships in Dudley

Working together brings a powerful positive impact for apprentices and organisations.

Podcasts for National Apprenticeship Week

For NAW2021, CMI brought together our partners and MPs to discuss the impact management apprenticeships are having across the country. Take a look at the podcasts, and subscribe for future updates.

Delivering Apprenticeships The Impact of Apprenticeships National Impact

The Positive Impact of Apprenticeships


9 out of 10

Apprentices felt they had made a positive contribution to their business as a result of completing their apprenticeship



Of current apprentices reported confidence in their ability to do their job more effectively


8 out of 10

Apprentices said completing their apprenticeship had given them better career prospects

* Results taken from our Apprentice survey 2020

Meet the Management Apprentices

Management Apprentices are changing the face of management and leadership. Meet some of our Management Apprentices and their employers, and see what impact they are having in their organisations.

More information about Apprenticeships

CMI accredited apprenticeships offer pathways for those just starting out in their first management role, right through to those in senior management positions. Find out more about CMI accredited apprenticeships, and start your journey today.

CMI is also an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). This enables us to deliver impartial End Point Assessments for a range of qualifications. Find out more about CMI as an EPAO.

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