A Goal with no plan is just a dream.

5 simple steps for a top-notch Personal Development Plan.

‘Simple’ isn’t a word generally associated with development planning for yourself or a team — until you know these tricks.

Far from the tedious box-ticking exercise many view it as, development planning isn’t just the cornerstone of performance improvement and career progression — it’s also the only way to stay relevant in a world where the skills employers need are evolving, fast.

This free webinar will show you how to:

  • Use SWOT analysis to identify skill gaps;
  • Select development activities that best suit your learning style;
  • Set SMART goals to keep you on track towards your goals;
  • Develop skills and behaviours people commonly forget;
  • Show you’ve developed vital soft skills like self-awareness.

Please note this webinar was recorded live and Q&A has now closed.

Let’s get started.

Armed with these five simple steps, you’ll be able to create a development plan that’s easy to stick to and drives your career, your team and your organisation forward.

Already, you have this webinar to add to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log, and becoming a Chartered Manager to add to your Personal Development Plan (PDP) — all that’s left to do is begin!