About CMI Women

Diverse leaders with diverse teams deliver the best results

CMI is all about developing and enabling brilliant leaders; giving them the management skills they need to fulfill their own potential and unlock the potential of others. We have been advocating gender balance since 1969 when we first launched our Women in Management.

Comprising CMI Members, this network is not exclusive to women. We encourage our male counterparts to also be agents of change and to become everyday champions of women at work, and to help drive organisational strategies for balance.

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What do CMI Women do?

CMI is all about developing and enabling brilliant leaders; giving them the management skills they need to fulfill their own potential and unlock the potential of others. That's why CMI Women exists.  We want organisations to embrace gender diversity and put it at the heart of their agenda and business practice.

Here are our core objectives, as well as quick access to equality resources, research and events.

Enable organisations to create high performing, balanced teams 

Explore what diverse and inclusive workforces can achieve

Empower emerging women leaders to unlock their potential

Learn to unlock all leadership potential and better recognise ambition

Effect a change in the attitudes and behaviours of men and women

Help raise awareness that inclusion is a key management and leadership competency

We know that now more than ever, as we try to deal with the impacts of the pandemic, we need gender balance in the rooms where decisions are being taken

Dr Heather Melville OBE CMgr CCMI, CMI Women Chair

My top tips for young women looking to advance their careers are: Have confidence and understand the value of being different and the diverse perspectives that brings; Build your network and focus on getting support and help around you, don’t be afraid to ask for help; Be persistent, keep going and don’t take no for an answer.

Jo Moffatt CMgr CCMI, CMI Women Deputy Chair

Meet the CMI Women Advisory Committee

Meet the many inspiring voices within the CMI Women Board.

Heather Melville

Dr Heather Melville OBE CMgr CCMI

CMI Women Chair

Senior Managing Director, Teneo’s People Advisory


Jo Moffatt CMgr CCMI

CMI Women Deputy Chair

Practice Director, Atkins

Angela Owen OBE CMgr CCMI

Angela Owen OBE CMgr CCMI

Founder, Women in Defence UK



Senior Lecturer, Organisation Behaviour & HRM, Chair, UEL Women’s Network & Athena Swan Lead

Anna Price

Anna Price CMgr CCMI

Founder Rural Business Group & Awards, and Marketing Strategist

Carol Ann Whitehead

Carol Ann Whitehead FRSA CMgr CCMI

Managing Director, The Zebra Partnership

Patrick McDonald

Patrick Macdonald CMgr CCMI


Gideon Franklin CMgr CCMI

Gideon Franklin CMgr CCMI

CEO, Gideon Franklin Limited


Charlotte Hill OBE CMgr CCMI

Chief Executive Officer, Step Up To Serve


Maria Luisa Liuzzo ACIM, FCMI

Global Product Marketing Manager, Veeam Software

History of CMI Women

As we celebrate 50 years of CMI Women, here is a brief look back over the last half a century.

In 1969, the CMI Women network was established as ‘Women in Management’ by Eleanor Macdonald, one of the first women to break into UK boardrooms as a director of Unilever group companies. She devoted herself to training in effective management and self-development, having a profound influence on attitudes to women’s education and roles in management.

The network was established in order to promote women in management and to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of great leadership. In 2016, we increased our focus on gender diversity and the benefits that it brings to business by relaunching the Women in Management under the new banner of CMI Women. Since relaunching as CMI Women, we have provided a ‘Blueprint for Balance’ to support our objective of producing the world’s strongest pipeline of women in management.

Gender balance is one of the most effective ways to maximise business performance. Besides obvious benefits for women and their careers, it expands the talent pool for a broader variety of skills and perspectives – allowing businesses to make more effective, well-rounded decisions, and ultimately improve results.

2020 is our year of reflection and projection

In 2020, the CMI Women network set out to celebrate their successes since the introduction of the 1970 Pay Act and to establish their aspirations for the next 50 years. Whilst impacted by the global pandemic, they continue to highlight the economic gains to organisations that gender equality in management brings and showcase that gender equality is not just a woman’s issue but something that should concern us all.

In 2020, we have seen just how essential this is for a strong economic recovery and to meet other major challenges ahead. CMI Women has supported managers and leaders to instigate and manage change throughout our 50 years, and this turbulent year has been no exception. CMI has made managers’ voices heard by calling for gender awareness to be factored into policy decisions taken during the Covid crisis. Through articles in prominent British media, including The Guardian and The Telegraph, we have warned that advances made over the last 50 years regarding women in the workplace now risk being set back. Speaking up for women in management in this way is a clear example of the important role that CMI plays in the national debate.

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