Dual Accreditation

A proven boost to employability

Dual Accreditation covers a portfolio of qualifications at different levels from Award right through to Diploma.

CMI will take your existing degree programme, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, and align it to our own qualifications. On completion of their degree, your students will also walk away with a CMI qualification, developed in consultation with employers, which has been proven to improve their employability upon graduation.

CMI Accreditation is influential in student recruitment

CMI Dual Accreditation offers influential value that broadens your appeal to potential learners and stands out in an increasingly competitive education market. Our qualifications are highly regarded by employers, giving learners the core skills necessary to succeed and boosting employability and earning potential.

94% CMI Graduates

84% of first year students say that CMI Accreditation influenced their decision to apply for their course, when they were aware of CMI

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95% say that the partnership with CMI has a positive level of impact on student recruitment and their learning experience

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94% of economically active CMI graduates were employed in a professional role, making them candidates of choice

Benefits for Learners

Dual Accreditation provides learners with a competitive edge, making them candidates of choice for employers across the globe. Don’t just take our word for it, hear what others have to say...

Case studies

As a Course Leader I want to ensure that all of my students will start their professional career on a level playing field. Studying a CMI-accredited, recognised business course not only boosts graduates’ confidence by enabling them to aim higher, embrace their aspirations and encourages them to unfold the potential of their talents and abilities to the fullest in such a competitive job market.

Dr Katerina Sidiropoulou - Course Leader BSc (Hons) Business Management, ARU Cambridge

How it works

Dual Accreditation works by mapping your programme against CMI qualifications, allowing your learners to benefit from CMI tools and support, and achieve an additional professional qualification at the end of their studies.

Included with Dual Accreditation is 12 months membership with CMI, offering digital resources, networking, mentoring and support, including access to our online resource portal, ManagementDirect.

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Easy approval process

The approval process is easy with step-by-step guidance and support from our team of experts

Pathway to Chartered Status

As the only professional body to award Chartered Status, our qualifications put learners on the pathway to becoming Chartered Managers

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Supported digital delivery

Our online content is designed to support your digital delivery and is already aligned to our accredited units. Our content playlists can be shared with your learners with ease

Nationally recognised qualifications

We are regulated by four regulators: Ofqual in England, CCEA in Northern Ireland, the Qualifications Wales and the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA)


Common Questions

If you are an existing partner then all we need to do is map your programme content against our CMI qualifications. This involves one of our mappers to map your indicative content against the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each of our units. This normally takes 3-4 weeks depending on how quickly we receive the information from you.

If you are not yet an approved centre then you will need to through an online approval process and then have your programmes mapped - normally this process takes around 6-8 weeks.

The CMI logo can be used on your website to help promote your courses, we have specific logo packs for our partners, please contact your Engagement Manager or email heinformation@managers.org.uk and they can share this with you.

No extra assessments are required for Dual Accreditation, they just need to complete your degree/programme and the qualification will be awarded on completion.

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Looking at your options?

CMI offers a range of Management and Leadership solutions. If Dual Accreditation isn’t right for you, why not take a look at Recognition and have your training endorsed against the CMI Professional Standard?

If you don’t offer training in-house or through a provider, take a look at our Corporate Membership offer, giving your team the access to a range of member benefits, including our online resource portal, ManagementDirect.
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