Working with you

Employers invest in management and leadership development for the benefit of achieving organisational objectives, increasing competitive advantage and supporting business growth.

Working with you

Three ways your organisation can benefit from working with CMI:

1. Winning performance

More effective managers and leaders create a better performing organisation. Training interventions from CMI helps them realise their full potential, rapidly transferring their learning to make a greater impact in the workplace and driving your business forward.

2. Winning business

Recognition, endorsement, qualifications, standards – if your organisation can demonstrate impeccable credentials in this respect, it gives you competitive advantage that could help clinch new business.

3. Winning ways

Managers with a CMI qualification effectively have a ‘license to practice.’ Their code of conduct and set of ethics – not to mention their professional skills – reflect on your corporate reputation. This professional excellence also helps you recruit and retain managers who can make a real contribution.

 As the only organisation that warrants Royal Charter in the field of management and leadership, we set the standards that others follow, offering a solution for all development requirements:

  • Giving people tools to help them develop themselves
  • Helping managers achieve nationally recognised qualifications
  • Endorsing existing training
  • Providing centrally delivered training programmes
  • Providing a framework for effective coaching and mentoring

We value our relationships with employers and strive to make a tangible difference to their performance.

Our services

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