Black History Month? Leaders should be taking positive race action every day

Written by CMI Insights Wednesday 19 October 2022
Here are some practical steps that managers can take today to move the dial
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“I have been advocating, for some time, that organisations should be focusing on positive race action every day, not just Black History Month,” says Denis Lindsay CMgr FCMI. He believes there is “a mountain of evidence” that demonstrates the undeniable business benefits for organisations that truly embrace equity, diversity and inclusion – “let alone the moral and ethical reasons to embrace it!”

Denis is a serial executive and non-executive director who’s worked as a management consultant for 25 years. He says that we should celebrate “the positive contributions of all of the communities of the UK, to British history, and celebrate that every day of the year. 

Tools and techniques for managers and leaders

For a number of years, CMI has been encouraging managers, leaders and organisations to “move the dial” on race. In October 2020 we released Moving the Dial on Race: a practical guide on workplace inclusion. The CMI Race Equity network, established in 2017, supports people to create more equal, diverse and inclusive organisations. And in 2022, CMI’s 75th anniversary, The Everyone Economy put forward our plan for sharing work, opportunity and success. Plus, the latest edition of CMI’s Magazine brought together stories of organisations committed to diversity and inclusion. 

Explore the work of CMI Race Equity

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To help managers and leaders rise to Denis’s challenge and take “positive race action every day”, we’ve drawn out some lessons from across CMI’s initiatives for you to use every day of the year.

Keep reading to discover the actions you need to be taking all year round


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