How to have an impact beyond your organisation

Written by Professor Dr. Roselina Ahmad Saufi FCMI Tuesday 26 March 2024
Today’s challenges require organisations to look beyond profit and growth. To have a positive impact on wider society, leaders need to embody the right values and instill them in their teams. Here’s what this ‘transform-lational’ leadership looks like...
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It’s easy to take the position of CEOs, C-suites, managers and directors in the organisational status quo as a given. But these leaders should still be asking themselves some fundamental questions: Why are you in that role? What are you paid for? Have you executed your responsibilities? Have been accountable for all actions and decisions made by yourself and your team? And have you really listened to your employees? 

How we live and work is being constantly reinvented – both by advances in technology and by the emergence of generations of “digital natives”. As employees, those born into a world of pervasive mobile technology have a different lifestyle and way of thinking to their older peers, and to the preceding generation of workers. 

Yet faced with the intensity of today’s global crises, many managers seem to be ignoring employees’ priorities. Despite the enormous positive change occurring both within organisations and across industries, we still hear complaints from workers that they aren’t well treated. When management talks of being fair and just, their efforts may often be merely superficial.

To address this, we need real leaders who have talent for the role and a true understanding of what success entails.

Want to discover why your organisation needs ‘transform-lational leadership’?


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