Working while studying? Here’s six practical time management tips

Written by Emma Molloy and Evie Worsnop Friday 18 August 2023
Many people completing CMI qualifications are studying alongside working – often full time. Two CMI members share their tried-and-tested tips to avoid procrastinating and use your time to the full
Picture of hourglass in front of a time to study sign

In September 2020, Kate Walker began work as an administrator in the office of Mark Jenkinson, the MP for Workington. Wanting something to push herself further and develop her skill set, she recently added a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship to her busy schedule.

The reality of balancing her work and the apprenticeship has not been without its challenges. As an apprentice, Kate has to juggle new tasks and projects with personal and development time – making time management no easy feat. 

Now two years into her apprenticeship, Kate says she has only recently found a routine that allows her to balance her own development with work responsibilities in the “fast-paced” government sector. “The first week I was filled with doubt as to whether I had the ability to manage a full-time job alongside a degree,” she says.

She’s not alone

Time management is a common struggle for many students, confirms Madilina Tresca CMgr MCMI, who has worked as a learning support coordinator at Universal Business School Sydney for more than seven years – where, as part of her role, students come to her for help and advice. 

When students come to her overwhelmed and struggling with their workload, she tries to build a picture of their individual circumstances to understand what their specific difficulties might be. “Time management is different for everyone,” she says.

Want some strategies to better balance your work and learning?


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