12 Ways to Foster Amazing Employee Engagement

Monday 02 January 2017
Employee engagement is key to company success, but how can you ensure your business gets it right?

We all know what an engaged workforce looks and feels like. It’s in the air. You pick up its distinctive hum from the moment you enter the office, factory or workspace. It’s in the way you’re greeted on the telephone, or receive a delivery, or have a query answered. There’s a crackle of commitment and enjoyment.

Pride in the organisation is evident.

Dig further and actually talk to people, and you’ll find that an engaged workforce is not just loyal but also full of great advocates: everyone knows their organisation’s mission, what it’s trying to do and how well it’s doing.

You hear inspiring stories about employees going the extra mile for colleagues and customers. You hear about improvements across a slew of key performance indicators. And you leave feeling that you could work there.

It’s not just the sense of job satisfaction, or the organisational commitment, or the sense of empowerment – it’s a heady combination of all three. But this is not alchemy. And it’s not a state that can only be achieved by other organisations.

Employee engagement can be measured; it can be correlated with performance; and it varies from poor to great. You can’t force people to engage. But you can create an environment that makes people want to engage.

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