Authenticity at work boosts team performance

Written by Dr Paul Stankard CMgr FCMI Wednesday 31 January 2024
Research from a Chartered Manager has identified that authenticity within a team, not just authenticity as a leader, is vital for how teams view their wellbeing and performance
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The importance of authenticity is not a novel concept: it’s been acknowledged as far back as Shakespeare’s Hamlet (“to thine own self be true!”). It’s since been shown that consistently behaving and thinking in a way that matches your values, emotions and beliefs increases the likelihood of reaching your potential. Renowned psychologists such as Maslow and Rogers even consider it a basic human need.

Authentic leadership – what bestselling management authors Bill George and Peter Sims dubbed your “True North” – has risen up the leadership agenda over the last 25 years. Research has shown authenticity to be vital for developing trust at both a team and an organisational level. In healthcare settings, where I am based, it’s been shown that this in turn leads to improved patient outcomes.

Authenticity is crucial for perfomance and wellbeing

There’s more. Inspired by my own personal workplace experiences of its polar opposite dynamic – inauthenticity – I recently conducted a novel study into the link between authenticity, wellbeing and performance as part of my CMI-assessed Level 7 senior leader apprenticeship at the University of Sheffield. 

Surveying over 300 staff within a large charity delivering mental health care, I found that authenticity is a crucial factor in improving perceptions of team performance and psychological wellbeing.

If you want to leverage this insight to optimise your team’s performance, there are a few more things you should know.

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