CMI Volunteer of the Year 2023: “It’s a chance for you to grow as a person”

Written by Jamie Oliver Tuesday 05 December 2023
Kirsty Watson CMgr FCMI has been volunteering since she was 14. Now, she supports the professional development of those from low socio-economic backgrounds. She shares why helping other people is now more important than ever
Kirsty Watson CMgr walks onto stage to collect her award

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“Altruism is good for you,” says Kirsty Watson CMgr FCMI, who was the winner of the CMI Volunteer of the Year award at 2023’s President’s Dinner. “Volunteering is not just about what you can do for others, it’s about helping yourself, finding your tribe. You can give a voice to other people and make a real difference to their lives, but it also helps you develop as a person.”

And she is living proof of this. 

From growing up in care, and experiencing homelessness, Huddersfield-based Kirsty has been volunteering since she was 14. After an early career working in children’s homes and nursing homes, with adult community services and in psychiatric institutions, she has gone on to attain two degrees and an MBA. 

Kirsty is currently part-way through a PhD in business and management, looking into the entrepreneurial skills of people in marginalised communities. And she has qualifications in teaching and assessing, alongside a CMI Level 7 diploma in management. 

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