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Tuesday 21 May 2024
In case you missed it: the CMI Women Conference 2024 on the BBC, plus the CMI Awards are open for nominations
Some of the speakers from the CMI Women Conference 2024

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When Angela Rayner spoke at the CMI Women Conference earlier this month, the BBC highlighted her pledge to help “stamp out” sexual harassment in the workplace. Rayner astutely pointed out that the issue is “rife” and affects “millions of people”, especially interns and others just starting their careers. 

But that’s far from the only issue affecting women at work. Labour’s deputy leader was joined at the conference by a cast of other distinguished guests, who shared fascinating insight on everything from the economic power of women to the crucial role of “Queenagers” on any team. 

You can catch up on our highlights here.

Practise leading policy

Rayner also shared more about Labour’s proposed New Deal, a package of measures the party plans to introduce if it wins the next general election. But as Anthony Painter argues in his op-ed in City AM, many modern employers, such as Mars UK and Timpson, are already driving the kind of changes that Labour is proposing. 

Workers’ rights are certainly something this community cares deeply about – as the results of our recent survey, referenced in The Guardian, strongly suggest.

Helping you to help others

One challenge facing workers is how to resume (or rebuild) their career once they’ve taken a career break – whatever the reason. They could be returning to work after an injury, bereavement, long-term illness or parental leave. In this week’s newsletter, we take a look at how to support those rejoining the workplace after a long absence. 

And we also offer tips for helping anyone who continues to work despite having a health condition that causes chronic pain.

Training makes us stronger

An article in Management Today outlined four strategies for enhancing business risk management and resilience, quoting Ann Francke OBE, CMI’s chief executive, when she appeared on the magazine’s Leadership Lessons podcast.

“We have to be able to accept… [uncertainty] because it’s here to stay,” Ann said on the show.

It’s hard to argue with that. The good news is there are other ways to build your resilience. In an article in HR magazine, Daisy Hooper, CMI’s head of policy and innovation, emphasised the importance of investing in high-quality management training. 

That may seem like common sense, until you recall how CMI's research found that 82% of workers entering management positions have not received any management training at all. If you’re still struck by that figure, you’re not alone. That research was recently featured in Forwarder Magazine, Platinum and The European.

Spotlighting your excellence

Finally, don’t forget to nominate someone (or yourself) for the CMI Awards of Excellence 2024. The entry window is open till 5 July for individual managers, volunteers, students and apprentices, and training and HE partner institutes. Even being shortlisted can be a great boost for self-confidence, profile and opportunities. But if you’re still hesitating, read our reasons for entering – and then take that leap!



Image: Amanda Foreman

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