One day at a time: Managing grief

Written by Gemma Campbell Wednesday 23 February 2022
No one is immune to grief. If you are struggling, this Kooth counsellor has some expert advice
A sad, crying couple supporting each other

What is grief?

Grief is a normal response to losing someone or something that has been important to you. This could be a person you know, a family member or even a pet. We can even grieve for things that are not living, such as a period of time we cherished, a relationship that has come to an end, something we’ve lost, or even something we had hoped for that didn’t happen (eg. we might have imagined how our child’s future would be and experience a feeling of grief if it doesn’t quite pan out the way we had thought or hoped).

What people grieve for and how they grieve is different for everybody but it is something that we all experience during our lifetime.

Here is one person’s experience…

When we moved from the home my children had grown up in, I felt such a loss that was difficult to articulate to other people. Our memories were in that house and although it was ‘just a house’, it signified so much more than that for me and I really grieved for it for a long time after we’d moved. ~ A

What grief might feel like

Everybody is unique, so feelings of grief will be different for different people but here are some of the more common emotions you might experience:

Keep reading for expert advice and resources to work through your grief


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