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Meet the manager: the coach

Monday 24 September 2018
For healthcare leader Philip Laverty, becoming chartered has unlocked career progression.
Phil Laverty

Philip Laverty always wanted to leave an impact in business. Raised in Vienna, he worked his way through the ranks of the leisure industry to become general manager of fitness chain Holmes Place Vienna International. Eager for a new challenge, he then moved to the UK and threw himself into the world of consumer goods, working as European operations manager for The Hut Group.

Stepping up at work

But Laverty wanted to take his leadership skills to the next level. He aspired to understand the strategic side of management, and embarked on CMI’s Level 7 Strategic Leadership and Management Diploma. “I wanted to reflect on my own leadership skills, and to have a look into my own personal and professional development,” Laverty says. “I’m always looking for ways to improve my abilities and capabilities.” A quick learner, Laverty passed the diploma and soon gained Chartered Manager status.

Improving management skills

Today, Laverty is a general manager at Virgin Active (a position he was headhunted for), and is seeing the benefits of using his new management capabilities at work. Laverty explains that his employer has noticed advancements in his decision-making and adaptability skills, which has boosted company performance. “Becoming chartered has given me credibility within my work environment,” he adds.

It’s also given him a new, broader outlook on leadership and management. “It’s absolutely key as a manager to lead by example, and sometimes you need to step back, let your team make mistakes, and help them in their development,” Laverty says. In order to build a successful team, he explains that it’s important to understand your colleagues’ personal goals, and demonstrate a strong and ethical leadership style.

Looking ahead, Laverty is keen to progress into executive and board-level management. “Getting Chartered Manager status was a rewarding moment in my career,” he says, “I want to constantly improve myself.”

Watch: the Chartered Manager experience

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