Case Study:

Putra Business School

Tuesday 04 January 2022

Putra Business School (PBS), based in Malaysia, is an exclusive postgraduate university offering specialised programmes in business and management. PBS nurtures human leaders to become role models in postgraduate business education.

We spoke to President and CEO, Prof. Zulkornain Yusop about their partnership with CMI, and the benefits for their learners.

Adding value for students

"Offering the CMI qualification alongside the MBA has made our course more attractive to our students because it adds value. As CMI is the only body able to offer Chartered Status, we get a lot of interest in pursuing this, and our qualifications now put learners on a pathway to becoming Chartered Managers.

I believe the CMI qualification will make our students more employable because it provides an additional certification. The reflective and theoretical aspects of the course ensure better content in our curriculum."

Market-leading qualifications

"CMI accreditation enhances the certification we offer. Other than the benefits that come in terms of extra knowledge learned on the course, mapping our programmes is a sign of commitment, a benchmark of the quality of our programme.

We know our MBA programmes are mapped against the latest knowledge and management developments, supported by a globally recognised professional body like CMI."

A beneficial partnership

"We chose to partner with CMI to improve our credibility and brand. Partnering with an internationally recognised professional body like CMI has raised our profile in the marketplace.

CMI representatives, based in Malaysia, are on hand to help us and actively engage with our students and lecturers. Throughout the course they are there to highlight the benefits and advantages of CMI facilities and resources available for our students. We have staff who are also
able to utilise the resources, such as ManagementDirect, alongside our students which is hugely beneficial."

Award-winning programmes

"It’s quite possible that the CMI accreditation helped us to achieve the Palmes of excellence with the business school ranking
in 2020. We have been ranked first for the 3 Palmes Award as an Excellent Business School with Reinforcing International Influence, which is a great achievement.

CMI demonstrates our commitment to excellence. We are devoted to creating and sustaining valuable liaisons with top corporate institutions across the world, which is one of the reasons we partnered with CMI."


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