27 Ways to Manage Change and Risk

Monday 27 January 2020
Navigating Brexit is, in many ways, like managing a major change programme. All around the UK, managers and leaders will be leading teams through uncertainty and volatility. Here are some tried-and-tested change management techniques

Brexit is an inevitability, but, with so many questions yet to be answered, it can be a difficult time to lead effectively. In a recent poll, CMI members identified change management and risk Brexit as two key management challenges of Brexit.

Over the past three years at CMI Insights, in the run-up to Brexit, we’ve focused regularly on the challenges of change management, and best practice. Here, as part of CMI’s ongoing Brexit hub, are some top-performing insights and resources.

Can a Manager Be Too Transparent About Change?

The ability to manage change successfully in any context has become a must-have skill, whatever your industry or role. As for organisations that cannot change quickly or easily in today’s fast-paced, digital economy? They fail. Read this article.

Five Techniques for Overcoming Resistance to Change

In most cases a resistance to change starts with a manager’s own attitude. The notion that managers may be change-resistant themselves is almost a taboo issue, but only once you have dealt with your own reluctance can you inspire others to do the same. Managers can follow these five steps to promote ongoing change at an organisation. Read this article.

Why You Must Get on Board With Risk Management

Risk management is crucial to firms’ health, yet risk managers themselves often struggle to get the ear of the board. Alex Plavsic shows you how to make them listen.

What Makes a Great Risk-management Team?

Keeping a steady hand on the corporate tiller, risk managers have very specific traits that others managers should learn from.

The Change Management Questions You Need to Know – and What These Tell Us About How to Lead

“There’s an icebreaker exercise that I run with teams of between 15 and 20 people. The task is for the team to throw three tennis balls to each team member in a predetermined sequence, and to make a series of isolated improvements with the aim of performing this task in the fastest possible time. Recently, while running this exercise, something occurred to me that got me thinking about change and the mind-set needed to make it more likely to happen.”

5 Actions to Take During Change at Work

Change management is one of a manager’s most challenging briefs. Many change management projects fail, either through a lack of completion, or not delivering on the benefits they hoped they would achieve. Here, two leading CMgrs – Yvonne Harkness and John Scivier – share their approaches. Read this article.

If you’re looking for more ways you can prepare yourself, your team and your business for Brexit – whether through improving communicationhaving difficult conversations, or how to read your team’s body language – CMI can help. Why not see our other membership benefits while you’re here?