Management & UK 2030

Highlighting an urgent need for better leadership in 2030, the latest research from CMI explores the pivotal role good management and leadership plays in a prosperous 2030.

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Advancing UK Management by 2030

'Management and UK 2030' highlights the urgent need for better management by 2030 if it is to develop the next generation of globally competitive, high productivity businesses.

However, analysis of the UK labour market and management suggests that leadership skills are undervalued in the UK compared to many of its competitor nations. Drawing inspiration from top-performing nations such as the USA, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, and South Korea, the report identifies three key drivers for successful management capabilities: competitive markets, a long term investment in improved management, and effective institutions.

By learning from and implementing these drivers, the UK can bolster management capabilities, tackle regional inequalities, reform public services, and narrow the productivity gap with international counterparts.

Key Findings

The UK needs
more of its management job adverts to specify high-level management skills.
The UK needs to recruit over
extra managers by 2030.
of health professional job adverts in the last year specified management skills.
of the UK's total productivity gap with the USA is due to management.

Key Recommendations

Step 1:

Upgrade the management capabilities of the government and public sector workforce and those who supply its goods and services.

Step 2:

Government to act as campaigner for better management.

Step 3:

Support existing policies such as Management Apprenticeships and Help to Grow that improve UK management.

Step 4:

Use strategic policies such as industrial strategy and regulation levers to improve management capabilities.

Step 5:

Seek stronger trade deals that support the place of UK business in global supply chains as a driver of improved management capability.

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Building a Better Managed Britain is vital for the success of our economy and the promotion of a positive culture in the workplace and wider society. Explore our report on the importance of good management and leadership.

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