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How can CMI support you at University?

Thursday 18 February 2021

University Students tend to face many challenges that are difficult to overcome. This digital event with Joe Levell, Senior Membership Journey Manager at CMI, will reveal how CMI can support students to make the most out of their time at university through three key areas.
Study Support: Joe will explain how CMI can support you with assignments by providing qualitative industry data, articles, and resources to help in writing essays/reports or in preparing for exams.
Work Support: The event will show how CMI can provide opportunities for networking with a vast range of professional connections in a variety of industries, as well as professional advice on landing a graduate job or internship.

In this session...

Skill Development: The event will cover opportunities for students to augment their professional development, making for good content to put on a CV.
Being a graduate himself, Joe was the lead Student Engagement Manager for CMI over a 3-year period, recently being promoted to his current position of Senior Membership Journey Manager where he continues to take the time to help students actively engage with CMI.

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