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Intersectionality in the Workplace

Monday 04 October 2021

How do we understand intersectionality in relation to equal opportunities in the workplace? And is there a link between who you are, where you come from, and how you lead? In this session, we offer a brief introduction to Crenshaw’s concept of intersectionality when considering race, gender, age, and disability (1989) in the UK sector or workplace.
This digital event will touch on a range of issues related to intersectionality and how this is connected to management and leadership skills in the workplace. For instance, we will examine how intersectionality can help us explore and promote insightful leadership awareness through the representation and connection of people from diverse cultural backgrounds within the UK sector. Some examples will include references to leadership and management which aim to promote equality of representation and inclusion of women, in particular, the competing challenges of women from black backgrounds versus those from other ethnic minority groups.

In this session...

We will share new insights from ongoing research which examines how intersectionality can help us understand the different needs of people from diverse backgrounds. Building on this we will discuss how professional divides occur through gender stereotypes in the workplace and those who challenge the social norms in their respective fields.

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