We are looking for more leaders to strengthen our diverse community who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to improving standards and delivering a positive impact through truly inclusive leadership. Nominate a Chartered Companion.

Nomination Process

Candidates for CMI’s Chartered Companions must be peer-nominated by anyone including existing Companions or CMI members. The nomination will be prepared by the proposer, who can work with the nominee to create the application, it must include:

  • Candidates details
  • Main current role / roles: job title(s) and organisation(s)
  • A 500-word detailed summary of the candidates achievements and reference to at least one of the criteria.
  • A supporting statement from an existing Chartered Companion.

Recruitment FAQ’s

Unsure about how to start the nomination process? Explore these FAQs to help you get started. If you have any unanswered questions, please get in touch.

Nominations need to be supported by an existing Companion. If you would like to self-nominate you will need to find a CMI Chartered Companion to support your application and work with you as the proposer.

Yes, an existing Chartered Companion will need to support your nomination. You can find an existing Companion in our Companion Directory.

Yes, if you are an existing Companion you can still nominate, you can work with the nominee to create the application and provide a supporting statement for them.

Nomination Form:

This form is for anyone who wishes to nominate a candidate to receive Chartered Companionship of CMI.

    Information about the Nominator:

    Information about the candidate:

    Information about the candidate's achievements:

    Supporting Statement

    Yes, I have read and understood the
    nomination criteria and can confirm that I have nominated a potential candidate for Chartered Companionship in
    accordance with this. Please see our privacy
    for details of how we handle your data.

    Thank you for submitting a Chartered
    Companion Nomination, this will be reviewed and a decision will be made accordingly.