CMI wants to recognise inspirational senior leaders committed to better Management and Leadership. These leaders will have overcome significant challenges themselves or will have committed to ensuring a fairer future through their actions.

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What do Companions do for CMI?

Chartered Companions are a select group of the best leaders around the world, they are pioneers and role models. Companions share practical advice with professional managers across all sectors and career stages, they shape CMI's activities by providing thought leadership and directly supporting policy, research and product development - or by connecting us to the right people in their professional network.

How to become a companion?

Nomination Process

Candidates for CMI’s Chartered Companions are peer-nominated by existing Companions. The nomination will be prepared by the proposer, who can work with the nominee to create the application, including a 500-word detailed summary of their achievements and reference to at least one of the below criteria. The proposer will also need to obtain a supporting statement from an existing Chartered Companion.

  • Identify your nominee
  • Identify and obtain a supporting statement from an existing Chartered Companion as a seconder for your nomination.
  • Fill out the online nomination form including:
    • Details of your Nominee
    • 500-word overview of their achievements
    • Supporting statement from existing Companion highlighting why they feel they should become a Companion and which of the nomination criteria they meet.
  • Submit your nomination

Criteria for Nominations

We are looking for more leaders to strengthen our diverse community who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to improving standards and delivering a positive impact through truly inclusive leadership.

Rather than being awarded simply based on time in CMI membership, Chartered Companionship is reserved for those who can clearly demonstrate significant achievements over a substantial period of time leading organisations or large functions within organisations to deliver great impact through brilliant leadership.

Chartered Companions must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • The ideal nominee for this award embodies exceptional and sustained leadership with a proven track record of driving organisational growth through visionary thinking, strategic expertise, and inspirational motivation.
  • They demonstrate extensive leadership and management experience, consistently delivering exceptional results while navigating challenges and positively impacting organisational success. Their influence cultivates a culture of engagement, collaboration, and high performance.
  • They exemplify unwavering integrity, transparency, and ethical decision-making, and possess remarkable talent development skills, fostering inclusivity and promoting a high-performance culture.
Senior Leadership Position:
  • The ideal candidate must have substantial experience, having held a senior leadership role for at least 5 years, signifying a high level of responsibility and decision-making authority.
  • Their track record should demonstrate exceptional achievements in managing organisations or teams, including revenue growth, operational efficiency enhancements, and successful change initiatives.
  • Their accomplishments should underscore their proficiency in resource management, risk mitigation, and the delivery of sustainable performance improvements.
Industry Standing & Recognition:
  • The standing of the individual in his or her profession, learned societies, associations and the like should be significant.
  • The nominee should have received notable recognition within their industry, highlighting their exceptional contributions and impact on their organisation or in their sector.
  • The nominee should have a record of delivering influential keynote presentations, or participating in panel discussions at various conferences, seminars, or industry events, showcasing their ability to inspire and influence others with their insights and expertise.
  • The nominee should have actively contributed to the advancement of Leadership and Management practice.
  • The nominee should hold or be willing to receive Chartered Manager or Chartered Fellow status awarded by CMI, signifying their commitment to professional development, ethical practice, and adherence to the highest standards of management and leadership excellence.
  • The nominee should demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and continuous professional development, regularly updating their skills, knowledge, and expertise through relevant training programs, workshops, conferences, or academic pursuits. They should be actively seeking opportunities to enhance their leadership and management skills.
  • The nominee should have a track record of actively mentoring, coaching, or guiding aspiring managers, leaders, or professionals, sharing their knowledge and experiences to foster professional growth and development within the management community.
  • The nominee should actively participate in industry associations, professional networks, and community initiatives, contributing to the advancement of leadership and management practices.
  • The nominee should demonstrate a commitment to ethical leadership and responsible business practices, promoting sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and social impact.
  • Professional References: The nomination should include testimonials and recommendations from respected professionals, colleagues, or industry experts who can speak to the nominee's outstanding achievements, leadership abilities, and their impact on the profession.
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Inclusive representation for an equal future

At CMI, we celebrate the diverse cultures, communities and backgrounds that all our Companions represent. We encourage participation from communities that are underrepresented in Management and Leadership roles and we always welcome the opportunity to recognise the outstanding leaders from these groups.

Additional Information

Chartered Companion nominees are assessed against the CMI Professional Standards competencies appropriate to their management and leadership excellence. Successful applicants are awarded Chartered Manager status as a result of this assessment.

Before any assessment is conducted the Assessment Panel must be satisfied that the candidate is committed to ethical conduct and practice in line with the CMI’s own Code of Conduct and that they are aligned with CMI’s Values: Professional, Passionate, Progressive and Practical.

All Chartered Companions are asked to make an annual contribution to the work of CMI through membership fees and direct involvement in our activities. In return, the Companions community receives exclusive benefits and regular opportunities to forge relationships with other inspiring leaders.