Chartered Companion Recruitment

We need your help in identifying potential new Chartered Companions to enhance the strength of our diverse community. They could be people you already know or new contacts you’ve just made… Here’s how you can help and what we’re looking for...

Chartered Companions are a select group of the best leaders in the UK and beyond.  We’re only looking for those that demonstrate all that is excellent in leadership.

Chartered Companions may come from any size of organisation and from any sector or organisation type.  They should meet at least one of the following:

- Evidence of significant senior level (e.g.C Suite or equivalent or above) strategic management and leadership achievements over a significant period of time

- Evidence of outstanding contributions to theory and teaching in the field of management and leadership

Chartered Companions will be assessed against the CMI Professional Standard competencies appropriate to their management and leadership excellence.










Before any assessment is conducted the Assessment Panel must be satisfied that the candidate is committed to ethical conduct and practice in line with the CMI’s own code of practice and that they are aligned with CMI’s values: Professional, Passionate, Progressive and Practical.

Diversity is essential.  The Chartered Companion community must be reflective of society, and we know that diversity enhances the quality of Boards and Leadership.  We need to ensure all aspects of diversity are enhanced.

We expect a 50/50 split on gender amongst new Chartered Companions

We expect BAME representation within nominations in line with society (around 15%)

We do not wish to be prescriptive over sector but again want to ensure we have broad representation across as many sectors as possible.

Our recent member research shows that these are the most prevalent sectors in which Chartered members work. This is displayed in the illustration.









Source: Oxford Economics analysis of CMI membership survey data

We’d also like to encourage nominations for people based away from London to help establish a greater Chartered Companions presence in other regions.


Nominating is easy just text us

Simply send details of the name, current role and a two to three line supporting statement to

Please don’t notify the nominee before their nomination is reviewed by the Assessment Panel.

What’s next

Nomination reviewed

The Board of Companions will swiftly review the nomination.  If successful you’ll be asked to make the invitation for the person to become a Chartered Companion.

Initial invitation

Initially it is proven that a verbal invitation from the nominating Chartered Companion is more likely to lead to acceptance of the invitation and therefore you’ll be asked to make a call to the nominee.  Full guidance on the messages to get across will be provided.

The written invitation

Following the call, please inform a member of the Companions team on the outcome and they will follow up in writing. This will cover scenarios around acceptance, or where further questions are posed or declines.