Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC)

Are you a management consultant or firm looking to differentiate yourself and inspire client trust and confidence?

The Award has been created in a joint partnership between the MCA, Management Consultancies Association, the trade association for the UK’s leading consulting firms and CMI, Chartered Management Institute, which was appointed by the Privy Council as the Awarding Body. Supported and managed by both CMI and MCA ensures chartered status is relevant to both the individual and industry, and provides a benchmark for career excellence for management consultants to aspire towards.

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Competency Framework

Competency Framework

ChMC Award sets and maintains the highest standards for the management consulting profession. Central to this is the Award's competency framework which sets the standards for both you as an individual consultant and your organisations training and development programme.

Competency Framework


Having your training programme benchmarked against a professional standard enables you to attract the best talent and deliver a clear development and career path for them plus provides recognition for experienced consultants. Through this benchmarked standard your clients will benefit from the latest capabilities and competencies to meet their objectives.

To continue to deliver exceptional value, we need exceptional talent that are inspired by the potential to grow and develop, and who can offer our clients and our industry outstanding quality and professionalism. The opportunity the Chartered Award has brought has acted as a catalyst to evolve our learning programme into an inspiring growth and development journey that is aligned to the competency framework. Chartered Award is a positive differentiator.

Zoe Bennion, Associate

Business Transformation, Arcadis

91% say their self awareness has increased. 3/4 Say that Chartered Manager provides the 'ultimate competitive advantage


The Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) Award is the highest status you can achieve in the management consulting profession and is proof to your clients that you are a trusted expert.

For clients, knowing that a Chartered Consultant has met a benchmark of excellence helps showcase the value of their investment and contributes positively to the building of a strong relationship.

Gary Mitchell

Atkins Management Consultants

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Benefit from a professional guarantee

Management Consultancy is a profession that has a significant impact on all aspects of business and public services. It plays an important part in business success through the provision of high quality, timely and effective management solutions. Having a recognised standard of qualifications, knowledge, and experience provides an assurance to businesses of being given the best possible advice.

Whether you are an individual or a consultancy firm looking to accredit your training programme, having Chartered status speaks volumes to your clients as a professional guarantee.

Case studies

We spoke to some of our partners who have gone through the process of accrediting their programmes, take a look at what Chartered means to them.

"The ChMC framework helps us articulate who we are and what we do for our clients. It sets the standard and will benefit you as a professional" Greg Bradley MD of Management Consultancy Arcadis
"It allowed us to test and challenge our training programme and know it is at the standard we want. It adds credibility to us as a sector." Scott Rodham-Boyd MottMacDonald

Gain a competitive advantage and benefit from...


believe that Chartered status has a positive impact on the reputation of their business

Recognition of an individual's qualifications, knowledge and experience, and a benchmark for career excellence to aspire towards increases confidence


retention rate of talent up 15% for firms offering Chartered status

Supporting employees through the process and having an accredited consultancy training programme helps attract and retain talent.


agree Chartered status shows commitment to ethical behaviour

Having a recognised professional standard offers assurance in engaging a Chartered Management Consultant